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Gastric Band Opp Gone Wrong Twice Now i have none

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    Day 2 and doing well although I’m smelling everything my Senses are heightened and can smell food a mile off. Food was such a important part of my life I’ve let it control me, & 2 days in I’ve noticed how much I eat and pick, I’m so glad I like milk!! 12days to go feels like forever x


    Hi hayley, I too had a band fitted about 3 years ago, mine worked perfectly to begin with and I lost 7 stone. I then became pregnant and due to that my band slipped. I went to st Richards for a reposition only to have my stomach punctured during surgery which wasn’t discovered until 3 months later when I too was vomiting after everything. I had the band removed and they discovered it had become fused to my stomach and my whole abdomen was filled with infection, ended up spending 2 weeks in hospital nil by mouth with drains in my stomach to drain the infection. I vowed never to go through surgery again. BUT I actually had a bypass 2 weeks ago. I managed to get funding within 2 weeks of applying. Had to wait 9 months to have op though as they wanted my scar tissues to mature before operating. It is a huge huge thing to go through after a bad experience but I had to for my health and happiness and touch wood I have come through this op with no complications. You say you live in Kent, me too, where about? Good luck with your preop diet and the op itself and keep us posted x x


    Crikey Katie, you’ve been through the mill! Glad it’s all sorted for you and progressing well now.

    Doodah x


    Hi Kate i wish you all the luck with the by pass, as i can see youve had a rough ride too you poor thing, well lets hope you can put it all behind you know. im on day 8 0f the milk diet and going well ive had the odd day of wanting to cheat but been ok just cant wait till my opp is hear and can get on with it xx


    Honestly hayley you will blink and the op will have been and gone. I am 3 weeks post op today and have still not taken a single painkiller since leaving hospital, I have 2 relatives and 1 friend who have also had bypasses and not a single one regrets it. I was lucky in the fact I LOVE milk so was in heaven on pre op diet. Look forward to hearing how you get on, best of luck, katie x


    Agree with everything Katie says 😉

    Doodah x

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)
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