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Gastric Band Opp Gone Wrong Twice Now i have none

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    I dont want to alarm anyone or upset you, but its happened to me, i had a gastric band fitted july 09, which i had problems with from the beginning, the nurses found it hard to find and fill this went on for months, sometimes me walking away in tears not having a band fill, i think out of the whole year i had 1 successful fill, and several attempts to fill my band, which did hurt but id do anything to stop the weight going on. Later last year i had a removal of a port and re positioned, i finally went for my band fill again but they still had problems, i had got a infection in my port site which for months didn’t clear after antibiotics, and i was ordered into hospital last week “not into the chichester suite” i may add where the whole band was removed due to infection, now im left recovering with a open infected wound, and no restriction back to square one. i just wanted to share my story not put you off but just make you aware of what can happen!!!!


    Hi Hayley, what a great shame I truley am sorry.
    Plucking up the courage to have GBS and for it to go wrong must be devistating for you, what an awful adventure you have had so far….
    Can you fill us in more? Intrigued enough to understand why things might have gone so wrong. its not normally like this as most venture on with very few problems.
    Where did you have surgery?
    Has anyone suggested why the port moved and why a second was again so difficult to find?

    Truley it should not have been this bad…..

    Are their any options for a bypass later once you have recovered from the band removal?
    Is it something you would consider? An option maybe?

    Really keen to try to help here….

    Buzz ( Andy in Bognor )


    i went to the loxwood centre in st richards hospital but i live in kent now i moved a while ago but have to travel up for the band fills etc, im not sure why they couldnt fill me they said the band was floating at first so it would take 6or 7 injections into my stomach to hit the port which is very small anyway. It was a experience i tell u, when they removed the port the first time in october last year they had said the wire had come off the port and gone into my stomach, the port was replaced at the same time, but it was put so close to the surface i could feel it all the time it was red and sore hence getting infected. Ive been ill since and vomiting regular i lost 3 stone since october but the wrong way!! And was brought into hospital to have it all out but they couldnt stitch me up so im left open to heel with daily district nurses and i cant do a thing at the mo but at least im still here.


    BLimey, how awful and no wonder you want a little rant.
    Jesus I would be screaming and throing everything out of the pram like a lunatic.
    I certainly admire you for keeping so calm…… I wouldn’t have….

    So we need some suggestions, we need to understand and be clear what are your options.
    First and most important is we get you back on your feet and recovered…

    Thats going to take time, but its going to happen…. Recover well and lets see what we can do ( probably not a lot ) but offer suggestions and a shoulder to cry on…..
    Just goes to prove my theory wrong, its not all bed of roses. For some its hard work and does not work….

    DOnt get too downhearted right now hun, the bands out but thats not the end, I’m usre their are other solutions…just a little later…

    Buzz xx

    Ms Ellie

    Hi there Hayley welcome, thank you for sharing your story with us wishing you all the very best take care.


    Hi Hayley, Me again…
    Was expecting a few more replies but as their was a group meeting last night and a few away I expect it will be a few days.

    SO to get a better understanding, how far into your journey are you? With the bands removed and no restriction is anything being offered as an alterative? Have you discussed future options or would you not consider it after all the trouble you have been throgh?
    I can not imagine how hard this might have been and how cheeky it is for me to ask but I really do feel the need to understand, its not about being nosey, honest its not.

    I for one would like to know their are other options for you a little later if you decide to proceed into GBS and maybe a bypass, sleeve or balloon..their are plenty of options if you nowhere near your intended goal weight, just hope you have some options. All of what you have done and been through cant be for nothing… Its not how it should be….

    I really do wish you all the best, and am keen to see you recover and hopefully go on to a more successful solution…


    Buzz x


    I can totally understand how you are feeling right now. My band migrated into my stomach in 03 and it was like losing a relative when they said it had to come out. Basically, my band cheesewired into my stomach so there was no choice other than to have it removed before blood poisoning set in. I was lucky to have sought advise when I first started to feel “weird”. I have now had a bypass (8 years later) and so even though you are no doubt buggered inside, I’m sure there will be a way for the wonderful surgeons to help you in the future. It will take time to heal but you really must look forward. I was put onto Reductil the day after my band came out but that’s not an option for you now they’ve banned it! My thoughts are with you and I hope you heal quickly and feel better soon.



    Thank you all for all your positive comments im day 6 without my band, portion sizes are back but i was on such a silly mount before i went in, it was miserable eating. The slightest thing gave me heartburn and reflux, i used to vomit back water it was getting silly i couldnt socialize or go out for a meal cos the slightest mouthful would get stuck no matter what i had. They have suggested bypass surgery after i have now exhausted the band options but they wen’t going to at first. Im of mixed emotions at the moment as ive been ill since ive had this really with little success the past year and a half have been a real struggle for me and my family, i just feel can i put them through it again. My partner hasnt the strength for another opp and im not sure i can go another im very confused on it. Thats even if they get the funding again. Ive waited years for this and to be honest it was a total let down. xxxx


    sooo sorry hayley-bless your heart
    I had a terrible experience with the band ended up in st richards with malnutrition then had bypass at st richards by the wonderful SHAW Somers however this too(although much healthier eating than the band) has been very dissapointing too
    as my weight losses are non exsistant if i eat anything over 850 calories per day i GAIN weight and still have 150lbs to lose
    surgeons say its due to becoming ”metabolically compromised” as a direct result of the malnutrition my body stores everything i eat as fat stores
    so i TOO am buggered and find it very hard to live like this and not see weight losses as ironically pre bypass I would have lost weight on this amount of calories!!!
    still my BMI is still 40(so still a candidate for bariatric surgery today 26 months after bypass)it was 70
    so that is soo much healthier
    I have health problems which i never had before due to sheer weight of all the excess skin after losing 164lbs
    and have lost 2 appeals to PCT for funding as they view excess skin removal as a ”cosmetic” surgery when in fact i have a medical condition and can no longer share a physical relationship with my darling husband
    so all in all its very sad
    but I was sad to read your post and hear your story
    I wish you well
    but just take a bit of time to eat sensibly- build up your strength again before deciding what you want to do
    all the very best my love


    Hi Hayley,

    Sorry to hear of your problems. I felt exactly as you do now when I had my band removed. Could I face another op? Would it work? I didn’t have to make my mind up straight away, I had a few months. As my weight inevitably started creeping upwards again, I got to the point of realising that without a bypass, I would likely never conquer my weight issues. I had my bypass a year after my band removal (would have been quicker, but the waiting list at the time was horrendous!). I have not had an easy ride since my op, but that was not because I was a band to bypass revision. I know many revisionists who all love their bypasses and wish they had gone straight for this rather than the band, I think the idea that the band is less invasive and revserible is the lure that attracts many, but the reality of living with a band is quite different! That said of course, many get on great with their bands.

    For me, living day to day with the bypass is much easier, I can eat most things, just less of it. I have very little appetite, most days! Of course, it is not a magic cure, and unless you feel completely ready for a bypass, I would say take your time to think it through. Research, speak to other revisionists and then decide. Not sure who your surgeon is, but the team at St Richards are fab.

    BTW, after my bypass, I was re-admitted to St Richards and not taken to the Chicheser Suite! I felt a bit miffed at the time, mainly because the rest of the hospital cannot provide big gowns or the special weeny portions of food (I was only 4 days post op at the time) – I got told to sort my own food out! We do get spoiled in the Chichester Suite! However, it feels a bit isolating out there in the main hospital, so I do empathise with you…

    Anyway, good luck recovering and on making your decisions for your path ahead.



    Thank you to all its a comfort to read and know its not just me, i had such bad times with the band it was a nightmare, the injections were so painful taking 6,7 or 8 attempts sometimes walking away without a fill, id sit and cry in the car park like someone who’d lost someone when really all i wanted was some restriction in my band. I can only remember 1 successful fill just before Christmas they put in 2.5mls i was restricted, but it seemed to get more and more restricted as i drove back home 2hrs in the car, then we had a heavy snow fall and i was snowed in, i couldn’t eat or drink only suck ice cubes, i rang local hospital and oncall in kent they couldnt help me,i couldn’t get back to west sussex, eventually after a week it loosened itself and i began eating puree again, but thats the only time i can remember being restricted, and just before i went into hospital a week yesterday i was so poorly with the band vomiting at everything with this infection it has been a real rough ride.
    As you say its your whole family that go through it too. Im currently at 18st 08lb but dread it going up AGAIN. I just feel confused what to do at the moment. The other thing i would make sure of is that i go back on the chichester suit as they deal with our type of surgery daily, whereas on the normal wards they dont, and too do not cater for you, and yes u get given a standard gown which just fitted but on the chichester suit u get given a larger one that you feel at ease in.
    Its been real lovely talking to you all as i dont have many people to talk with who have had the opp, thank you x


    @hayley 13159 wrote:

    . Im currently at 18st 08lb but dread it going up AGAIN. I just feel confused what to do at the moment. The other thing i would make sure of is that i go back on the chichester suit as they deal with our type of surgery daily, whereas on the normal wards they dont, and too do not cater for you, and yes u get given a standard gown which just fitted but on the chichester suit u get given a larger one that you feel at ease in.
    Its been real lovely talking to you all as i dont have many people to talk with who have had the opp, thank you x

    It is a hard decision, but take your time. You need to heal and recover from your band ordeal. Things will become clearer for you in time. There is a lot of support on here – and there are a few revisionists too, so always some advice if you need it.

    I agree about the chichester suite – those gowns really made a difference and gave a sense of dignity, I felt quite riled that I couldn’t have one just because I was not on that ward!!

    Good luck, and keep us posted.



    Hi Hayley

    I’m so sorry you have had all these problems with your band, i feel that if you could consider a bypass it would be fantastic for you, i had mine in April last year and have now lost almost 10 stone, get well and try again hun, i had no problems with my op infact i was up dressed make up on and doing the rounds to say goodbye to all my new friends by day 3 and never looked back it was the best thing i ever did, don’t give up, your worth it and your family will back you, mine did, the bypass is an amazing tool that works, good luck i wish you well x


    hi there, sorry to hear that uv had problems with ur band? what was wrong both times u had it done? and who was ur surgeon?


    This just goes to prove that WLS is not the magic wand the media and ignorant people think it is. However, in most cases it is merely a fantastic tool to enable a person to help themselves get lighter, fitter and healthier. Personal responsibility is hugely important as is a positive outlook and realistic expectations. It’s awful that you have had such a terrible time of it. Like Buzz says, you have to keep shouting and shouting until you are heard.

    I truly hope eveything gets sorted out for you.

    The Hardest thing in this world is to live in it

    is a line written by Joss Whedon. It says everything really.

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