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Gastric Band Happy Endings??

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    Hi guys

    I have been looking through the forum over the last few days and I have noticed there are quite a few people who are/were unhappy with their bands, and not so many happy stories

    I’m having my band fitted in a few weeks and now I suppose I’m afraid to ask… is anyone out there happy with their health and weightloss after the band???

    I have a family member who has had the band for 7 years and she is very happy with it. Her weightloss has been successful and she said it was a good choice, so I have been following a lot of her advice. I’m fully aware of the risks and statistics – but there seems to be a large number of negative outcomes here?



    There are a LOT of gastric band success stories-please don’t let this put you off.
    Although my personal experience was negative-it’d important that you feel very positive pre your surgery.
    Realistically though the research shows that lots of bands are revised to bypass or even removed due to problems acheiving correct levels of restriction-if you are a sugar eater then i personally wouldn’t recommend the band as sugar simply ”melts” and slips through it
    but if you prefer savory foods then I know people who have had good CONSISTANT LONG TERM weight losses with the band
    Either way I wish you well on your own weight loss journey
    And always remember after the initial post surgery period whether you choose band or bypass your weight losses all come down to YOUR FOOD CHOICES and what you CHOOSE to put into your mouth
    good luck


    Hi Goldie

    I am 16 months post op with a band and have lost 85% of my excess weight… I am VERY happy. I was on about 4 different prescription meds daily for Idiopathic Intercranial Hypertension and the only medication I take now is contraception!!!!! hahahah.

    I have more energy, much more confidence, a gorgeous and loving new man in my life and have not looked back!

    You need to remember that most people who are successful do not use forums as they are too busy enjoying their new life, the people that do use the forum are generally those that need support either at the start of their journey or because they are experiencing problems.

    I still have about a stone and a half to lose, but have every faith in my new lifestyle, thanks to my band, that I’ll achieve this.

    Best of luck on your journey

    Take care


    Here Here!!!! Totally agree. No surgery will sort out the head and you have to be sure you are completely ready for the change. I managed to lose all my weight with the band (7 1/2 stone) before it had to be removed and then I regained just over 5 stone of that over the following 8 years which I guess on the scale of it wasn’t too bad. I loved my band and was what I would call “in tune” with it. It told me when I was full etc whereas bypass I’m finding a lot different as I don’t get the full feeling that often. I’m eating everything other than high fat and sugar and am losing at the same rate as I did with the band. Ultimately, it is down to willpower and nothing else. I’m sure I could probably eat my way through a loaf of bread right now as I chew everything to a paste and it goes down as fast as I’m eating but my head has to tell me that this is stupid and so I just have 2 slices as a toastie for lunch. I was always able to eat anything with the band but fortunately I’ve not got a raging sweet tooth and those who have did have more problems. Icecream, chocolate and all those other yummy things (if they float your boat) WILL slip through the band very well and then you’re back to square 1. In my mind, I cannot see the point in being given such a wonderful tool and then abusing it. I say tool because that’s all it is. It’s not a cure or a magic spell that makes weight drop. If I had my time again, I would still have the band as it was the first thing that changed my entire life. Having lived from the age of 5 with obesity, I had all the verbal abuse from society and it was the first time in my life I felt normal and to be able to actually enjoy my life. Alas, I’m one of the horror stories but as I say, I’d do it all again if I had my life again – just a lot earlier in life if that was at all possible.


    I know how you feel – I am only 5 weeks post op and the failure stories do worry me. But having lost 32lb already and remembering how awful I felt just a month ago – for me the band has already been a success story and I hope i’ll be one of the lucky ones who the band works well for. Positive thinking is definitely the way to go!


    Thank you all for your advice and reassurance (and thank you for the very positive story Claire!). I am feeling better about it now, I must say. I have never really been interested in sweets, and I discussed my eating habits (massive portions but no junk food) at length with Mr Slater who said he thought I would do well with a band.

    @hazelann70 13458 wrote:

    . Alas, I’m one of the horror stories but as I say, I’d do it all again if I had my life again – just a lot earlier in life if that was at all possible.

    Hazelann – I’m sorry to pry, but why did you need your band removed? And how did you know it had to come out? Did you feel unwell?



    I had to have it removed in 03. I began to feel weird – not sick but waves of weird feelings in the stomach area. To cut a long story short, I phoned Mr Fiennes (my first surgeon) and he told me to go into St Georges the next day (I’d moved over to NHS by this time). I went in and they did an endoscopy and found the band had cheesewired into my stomach and hanging lifeless inside. No wonder I was feeling funny!! Anyway, the next day, the band had to be removed. I was only the 2nd patient it had happened to for him at the time and he told me it was through no fault of my own and they didn’t know why it had happened. It wasn’t as if it was filled to the fullest amount. I was devastated as you can imagine but I was put onto Reductil for 5 years which helped me keep stable ish but then they stopped working and for the last 3 years, I fought the PCT. So far, I’d say I loved my band more than bypass simply because it was easier to control my eating with it. I’m more for savoury stuff and so sweet disolving food wasn’t too much of an issue for me. With the bypass, you don’t have that valve at the bottom of your stomach so in theory, if you eat slowly and chew loads, you can still over eat. Same as with the band but ultimately, with the band the valve does stop you from putting so much in I guess. Again, I was lucky with the band and could eat anything, even things people found hard such as meat, rice and bread. The only thing I couldn’t tollerate was fizzy stuff yet I knew others who could down a can of coke no problems! Whatever the surgery, we are all different and tollerate things in such a vast spectrum and what one can eat, another would die at the thought of so it seems!!!


    Oh dear – poor you! But thank you again for all the advice!

    Vicki! 32lbs in 5 weeks?? Well done! I’m more excited than nervous now – looking forward to the change.



    I’m glad you are feeling much more positive Goldie – hopefully it will be the best decision you’ve ever made. I’m a fair bit bigger than you so you might not lose as much much as me that quickly but then on a positive note – you haven’t got as far to go as me! But that pre-op diet sure does give you a kick-start to your weight loss.

    Sally Bailey

    How are you doing Goldie?


    Hi Goldie,

    Sorry to have not posted sooner, its been a real manic few weeks for me…
    You have to consider most patient bypass band or other are venturing on living their lives without a clue the support group is here. Needing one or not the forum group is not for everyone…

    Imagine having so much energy you just dont want to stop, imagine feeling so good somedays that you just dont want them to end….
    Each adventure into WLS is an adventure, I am sure you are going to have a wonderful adventure, not to mention all the supportand encouragement you need toget through the pre op and early days…
    Friendships are made here, support in abundance….

    Stick around, get comfy and let us know what we can do to help, you only have to ask, their is usually someone with some words of wisdom or advice…

    All the very best, fear not, your real life awaits you…..

    Buzz (Andy in Bognor Regis)

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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