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Gastric band and transatlantic/long haul flight–Defill?

Home » Topics » Surgical Journey » The Gastric Band operation » The first 6 months of the Gastric Band » Gastric band and transatlantic/long haul flight–Defill?

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    Hi All,
    I’m hoping to be flying to the US in June.
    From what I understand by all the searches I’ve done on the net say the only possible difficulty is you may not be able to eat on the ‘plane without a de-fill. And the consensus on internet forums/advice(sp!) seems to be that as long as your last fill wasn’t within the last month a de-fill isn’t necessary.

    Does anyone have any experience advice to give me on this please?

    If I have a de-fill I will surely gain weight in the US as i eat so much over there!:suspicious


    I flew(to USA) in Oct 20 months post bypass
    and was stopped as I ”beeped” at every single airport security check
    so had to be x-rayed and it was the ”staples” from my bypass
    strangely enough i Flew(to USA ) at only 9 months post op
    and didn’t beep once
    cause I had more fat then I guess???


    Hi I had a band fitted last year and I went to New York in March I had a defill before I went I found that I didnt eat any more whilst I was away but could tolarate some of the things more that I had struggled with then had a refill once I was back.It gave me that peace of mine that I wasn’t going to be sick.
    Hope this helps.



    I have flown many time since having my band and not had a defill once. I have had no problems, but didn’t try to eat much, just took a couple of nibbly bits to keep me going and drank quite a lot instead (non-alcoholic! lol)

    It is up to you, but many people do struggle to get the same level of restriction they had before the defill, so I have never felt the need to risk it…



    Thanks to you all for your advice.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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