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Ganny’s Weight Loss Journey

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    Yayyy!! Welcome home Elaine and welcome to the bench!! So glad you are feeling ok. The nurses are lovely arent they, couldnt fault them at all. xxxx


    Lovely meeting you. Glad you are home and welcome to the Losers Bench.

    Look forward to hearing how your journey goes.


    Welcome home princess,
    Be sure to take your time recovering, everything at an easy pace and your be fine.

    Congratulations of making what should be the best thing you have ever done for yourself.
    Wishing you one awesome journey.

    buzz x


    Welcome home Elaine and well done, looking forward to seeing how you do on your WL journey!! :whoo:


    Hi Elaine,
    I’m settled in at home. Feeling great. Everyone is amazed at how well I am. I too go out for a lttle walk down the lane with Mufton & Bufton (my husband (not his real name) and dog) every afternoon. I didn’t sleep at all well in hospital but I’m making up for it now. And I’ve woken up a couple of times in the night thinking my duvet was floating on the ceiling. My GP is very kindly coming to see me tomorrow to talk about changes to my medication and find out more about the whole experience. I need to talk to her about constipation as I’m getting a little uncomfortable despite a couple of doses of Milk of Magnesia today. The good news is that I’ve already been able to reduce my painkillers for arthritis by 25% and I’m trying hard to move onto paracetamol and diclofenac only and cut out all the codeine which doesn’t help with constipation. I hope you and Sonia are feeling as good as I am if not better.
    Love Patsy:smile:


    welcome home
    all the best for your weight loss journey
    enjoy the ride x


    Hi Patsy,
    So good to hear you are doing great but that doesn’t surprise me in the least as you looked so good the day after your surgery. I did put my head in to say cheerio but you were fast asleep. Good to see you are reducing your painkillers all a step in the right direction, I am seeing my GP tomorrow about my medication and I will weigh on Wednesday so I looking forward to seeing what is happening.
    Elaine xx


    Hi Elaine

    For of all, so sorry for not replying sooner, my pc had to go to pc hospital so I couldn’t get on line, but here i am. Welcome home, albeit a bit late, how’s it going? Once we’re back to normal we’ll have to meet up for coffee some time.

    How are you feeling, are you still on the sloppy’s, I going to more solid now, I was feeling really nauseous on mush, didn’t matter what it was it took an effort to get it down, I did have a very small one egg omelette yesterday and really enjoyed it and it went down well, so it’s an improvement, lets hope it continues.

    Anyway, welcome home honey and we’ll get that coffee really soon.

    Lots of love



    Well I was back in St Richard’s yesterday for my post op and came through it with flying colours and they are pleased with me but not as much as I am with me I HAVE LOST THREE AND A HALF STONES yippee, I can walk without puffing like a steam train no more back ache and so much more energy, clothes are hanging on me and people are really beginning to notice and complement me, so worth everything you go for.


    Wow that’s fab well done


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    Hi Elaine

    Glad to hear it went well I have mine on Monday so hopefully I will have done aswell as you! So gutted they changed my appointment and couldn’t have a proper catch up with you. Keep up the good work!



    LOL great news Ganny…well done sweetheart…..x
    Buzz x

    miss missy

    how amazing.well done.x emily.have seen your start weight and it says 135lbs.isnt that about 9 half stone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxx


    Ha ha I dunno I don’t understand pounds! I don’t know how to change it now.


    I was 303 pounds and I’m currently 252 pounds.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 67 total)
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