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    And ME !!!!!!



    Thanks Lesley. We all enjoy it so much each year even though it’s extremely hard work and we don’t get enough time to chat with everyone!

    Doodah x

    ps Will have to consider where is central to most of us so that not too much time is spent travelling.


    nearer Christmas is fine with me too 🙂

    @Doodah 25308 wrote:

    Hi Lesley

    About the meet up – I’m thinking it might be nice to make it a bit nearer Christmas then we could have a real celebration? What do you all think? I have surgery on 11 Oct so won’t be able to drive for about 6 weeks after. My work schedule is very hectic up until that time so if the Christmassy idea is not convenient, it will have to be the New Year!!

    Doodah xx


    It is with me too now as I have to refrain from driving for about 6 weeks after my plastics op!! Fear not, if any of you want to, I will show you the results!! And my arms but for the boobs….you will have to use your imagination hahaha!

    They won’t be until next year anyway. Lets start thinking about where is central. Any thoughts any of you? I’m Southampton/Portsmouth.

    Doodah x


    Hi all

    Don’t know how I missed this thread, add me to the list.

    Sunday will be fine for me as we’ll, I will be coming over from sunny Kent, if anyone needs a lift.



    I would love to get involved in this too 🙂 if that’s not being rude!x


    Portsmouth or Southampton would be great for me. Personally I’d be better after Xmas as have a Xmas wedding and honeymoon!!! Oh my god only 8 weeks!!!!! Xxxxxx


    Can I be added to the list please?


    @sharlotte 25743 wrote:

    I would love to get involved in this too 🙂 if that’s not being rude!x

    What? Rude? You are one of us my lovely xx


    So, is Southampton or Portsmouth good? Portsmouth has Gunwharf Quays, a designer outlet and social hive by the sea with literally dozens opf places to meet up. I’m biased I know!

    Gunwharf Quays at Portsmouth Harbour, Shopping, Cinema, Entertainment, Events

    If it’s far to come for any of you, there is a Holiday Inn smack bang in the middle of it.

    Gunwharf Quays – Express By Holiday Inn, Portsmouth Accommodation

    This is only a suggestion so any others are very welcome 😉

    Doodah x

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    I would definately be interested too!


    Hi Doodah

    Gunwharf in Portsmouth should be fine for me, it’s quite a drive, but I could make it an overnighter with The wife, I will tell her I am treating her to a night out and get some browny points, before she finds out what I am really up to.

    Mind you I took her out last week and we walked past a very posh restaurant and the food smells coming from the place where fantastic, she said how nice the food smell was so I turned around and walker her past again so she could enjoy the smell again. Tight, me its the Scotish blood that does it.:nono:

    Hope to see you all soon, if I live if someone reads this.



    Sounds perfect and will give me a great excuse to go shopping! I chickened out of the tea party this year but will definitely come to this and would love to meet all the wonderful people who have helped me through the last few months!
    Love katy x


    In in I can get the train!! X


    Just a thought

    Would it be better to have this get together early in the new year, as everything including all the hotels and talking of hotels they will all be at a premium price that time of year, but after the new year they tend to start dropping their prices to try and fill their empty rooms.

    Just a thought, I will be there regardless.


Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 77 total)
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