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Food in Hospital

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    After a Gastric Bypass, what food are you likely to get served while in hospital?



    Good question, I had my bypass a year ago March and, from what I can remember the day after the op we were given clear soup but were allowed free foods after that, that means anything off the menu, althought the range is limited, for obviouse reasons but because the bay is geared up for bariatric surgery they know the portion sizes.

    When do you go in and which hospital are you going into.

    Good luck and keep us posted, I hope I’ve helped you.




    Every hospital is different, but the one I was in St Richards in Chichester we got purée potato & cheese on the same day as I had by bypass, but they are all different, with some insisting on liquids only and some more solid.



    I had my bypass just over the year ago at St Richards and I remember I was allowed clear soup as my first meal after the op and then after that what ever you choose off the menu, I remember having porridge and mashed banana and when they bring you the portion size you will look at it and think that will never fill me but you really be hard pushed to finish it. I also can remember remarking that considering that we all had had bariatric surgery and was suppose to be loosing weight that they kempt coming round and feeding us lol.

    Elaine xx


    Have to agree with the comments here they match my experience with the addition of pured chicken if I remember correctly and a plain biscuit oh and dont forget the water!




    I can’t remember what I was given in UCLH but I do remember being well jealous when my mate said they had given her chicken korma!! As soon as I found that out I cooked it straight away lol All I remember was drinking loads of tea for some reason lol

    Different hospitals have different ideas and where some endure the milk diet, I had a nice one of soup, yogurt and milk so probably shouldn’t have been miffed at not having anything nice after surgery!


    Yep, everyone different! I had a rich tea biscuit asnd some mash with cheese. Oh and plenty of tea. I had told Shaw Somers (in jest I might add) that if I couldn’t have tea or marmite, the op was off haha!

    Doodah x

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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