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Fluctuating weight

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    Thank you everyone for you replies

    I’m confused about the whole maybe I’m not eating enough idea because the whole reason I became over weight was from eating too much! and In my mind anorexics and bulimics certainly don’t eat enough but do defiantly loose weight!

    I’m sorry if I seem a but negative but I feel this forum is more geard towards bypass ops than bands. I also feel all I seem to be getting from every angle is how great the bypass is and people explaining they had the same problem that’s why they changed to the bypass from the band.
    Please don’t get me wrong I appreciate all of your comments and for those of you the bypass has worked for that’s great.
    I am a NHS patient and I was offered both options but with the bypass having a 1 in 200 mortality rate and thats not just death on the operating table that’s death anything up to 18months after the op with 21month twin boys and husband, family etc that certainly was not an option for me!

    So I guess i’ll put up with it and strive to find the answers I am looking for and when I do i’ll be sure to let as many band patients that are struggling and cant find the right info know! you never know maybe thats my calling in life!!

    Thank you


    This forum is for everyone with all types of wls. At the moment, there are definately more bypassers, and there are also a few band/bypassers.

    Anorexics and bulimics starve, this is not a healthy way to lose weight! It is important to eat enough, not too much and not too little! It is hard to get right, but give yourself time for your band to start working – you are only 4 months post op!

    You are absolutely right to consider the risks of both ops, and the risks are greater with a bypass. You made the right choice for you, just give that choice time to work.

    No one is saying that bands are rubbish – they work! I have no regrets having mine, my regret is the numpty who fitted it (and no, nothing to do with Streamline!).

    Remember that most band success stories are 12-18 months post op, it takes that long to get to your sweet spot, lose weight etc. I think you are being hard on yourself and expecting a lot a little too soon.

    Don’t feel alone on here, and keep believing that it will work for you.



    I have to agree Bands do work
    mine was stiched into my stomach wall lining (i went abroad)
    so that why mine failed
    dodgy surgeon
    give yourself time
    and never give up
    I know its hard
    but remember you CAN do this because you
    ARE doing this
    best of luck xxxx


    Hi Lady K,

    Have you read the book ‘Gastric Band and Beyond’ by Sharon E Bates it’s a fantastic little book I got it from Amazon last week, I am sure it will answer alot of questions for you. I am a soon to be ‘bandster’ and I found the book knowledgeable and very reassuring. I hope you soon feel more positive, and please get ready to move up for me on the ‘losers bench’ because I’ll be there soon.

    Annette xx


    Hi Lady

    I had my band done last june and have only lost 2 stone but now have a leak in my band & had no restriction since march and need to wait another 1-2 months for the op to be redone. I was told by the dietican at the hospital that you must have carbs & protein in every meal even if its a small amout of rice pasta or potato and them working together should help the weight loss I hope this helps.oh eat protein 1st.



    Ahhh Thank you peeps

    I’m so sorry for my rant it’s just so frutrating as you all no no matter what wls you have!

    I guess I have just let it get on top of me a little and I am always hard on myself on everything in life (which I think stemed from being over weight) so I no I gotta stop doing that.

    I’m just so desperate for this to work that i’m panicing its not working.

    Thank you

    P.s I will oreder that book today.


Viewing 6 posts - 61 through 66 (of 66 total)
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