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Fluctuating weight

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    Hi Ms Ellie
    Not long to go now for you I haven’t got on the scales in the last 2 weeks i’m scared to as I had put on about 4 lb and I go to the hospital next Thursday for my 2nd fill so I wouldnt have lost anymore since my 1st fill. i’m finding that I have no restriction again and trying so hard to be head strong and I know some of my problem at work is head hungry for boredom and help with the stress levels of the job.


    Cazza, don’t beat yourself up hun, as I said earlier, bandsters that get restriction from their first fill are few and far between. We have had surgery and it is a tool to assist us, with no restriction, your tool is not yet working for you… I’m sure they aren’t going to be really upset with you when you go to get your 2nd fill… You will also find that once you do get some restriction, as you lose weight, your restriction will ease as the band becomes looser as you loose internal fat from around your stomach where the band is placed. Don’t worry, St Richard’s are really good, when you need to go for further fills, you can normally get an appointment within a week or so.

    One thing to warn you about is don’t be tempted to get overfilled. I had too tight restriction once and it was horrible… I could barely even manage sips of water for a whole weekend before going back for an emergency de-fill.

    Hang on in there, I know how frustrating it is when you hear of the bypassers who have started losing lots of weight straight away, and you are still waiting for restriction weeks or even months later… it will happen and when it does, you will be jumping for joy.

    Take care


    thanks did you manage to continue to lose or did you put any back on before you got restriction. I braved it this morning and have put back on 5lb I could have cried. I’m not havingthe take aways or eating out like we were or even drinking the wine like before. I could understand it if I was. Tis has gone back on since going back to work nearly 3 wks ago I always have something during the morning when there as still on a phased return. then have lunch when I get home i’m thinking is this the boredom and stress of the place kicking in again, I just don’t know. I want to feel full but don’t.
    Carol (cazza)


    Hi Cazza

    You are going to hate me for saying this, but I was one of the very lucky (and rare as hens’ teeth) bandsters that had some restriction right from the very beginning – not a huge amount, but some. BUT I did work really hard at making sure I didn’t have the wrong foods and also made sure I waited at least an hour after drinking before eating anything and an hour after eating before drinking again – are you doing this?

    I do feel like I’m always clock watching to see if I can eat yet, or drink yet, but what with getting 2l of fluids a day in, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to overeat.

    What are your portion sizes like at the moment? Are they much smaller than pre-op? It probably is head hunger a lot of the time for you at the moment… it takes a long time to get away from that… even now, over 9 months post op, I still suffer with it from time to time.

    Try porridge for brekkie, that should keep you feeling pretty full for quite a while, then mid morning try a banana – I can only manage half a banana at a time, but it keeps me full for hours!

    From what you have written, it does sound like a lot of your mealtimes might just be out of habit, does that sound right?

    When you do get your restriction and you are only able to eat very small amounts, then you will probably need a small snack between each of your 3 meals (that’s assuming you will be able to eat breakfast – I can’t as my restriction in the morning is tighter and it eases off throughout the day, so I have a skinny latte or a protein shake) but if you are still able to eat normal sized portions, then either try cutting out the snacks or try to cut down on your meal sizes a bit now.

    What sort of foods are you eating? Are you sticking to lean protein first, followed by veggies then carbs only if you have room? If not, try to do this now, you will need to once your portion sizes reduce. Are you avoiding slider foods, as they won’t keep you full at all.

    Try to cut out all simple carbs completely (sugars, white flour, anything readymade) this really helped me.



    Cazza, listen to Claire, wisest bandster I know (and not bad for the rest of us too!) she has so much clever and applicable advice that I can’t think of anyone better to give you some tips. I don’t think you can offer advice unless you have dealt, day to day, with the challenges of this surgery and Claire has. Carol x


    Thanks I seem to have been slowly increasing portion size again at meal time thinking if it’s bigger it will fill me so I won’t need anything else to eat.
    The problem I have as well I have a colostomy bag so everything I eat goes through my stoma quickly sometimes it doesnt even take an hour to go through me.
    I’m also trying so hard to wait between drinking and eating as I always have a drink on the go as I dehydrated quickly due to the output of my stoma.
    I’m eating more chicken ham and egg for the protein and more fruit as well but again due to the stoma I have to be careful because of skins and peel can block the stoma which is a nightmare I had trouble apple going through the other day.

    Have been sticking to sugar free squash rather than flavoured sparkling water as well now and have at least 2 ltrs a day.



    Hi Cazza

    It takes a bit of trial and error before you know what you can and can’t eat… I can’t manage alot of fruit as, like you, skin’s, no matter how much I chew them, never get chewed up small enough. Tomato skins, cucumber skins, lettuce, etc are all out for me too.

    Hang in there, when you get some more restriction, the food will pass more slowly through your stoma, promise!



    Awww, thanks Carol!


    Ms Ellie

    @cazza 7898 wrote:

    Hi Ms Ellie
    Not long to go now for you I haven’t got on the scales in the last 2 weeks i’m scared to as I had put on about 4 lb and I go to the hospital next Thursday for my 2nd fill so I wouldnt have lost anymore since my 1st fill. i’m finding that I have no restriction again and trying so hard to be head strong and I know some of my problem at work is head hungry for boredom and help with the stress levels of the job.

    Yep not long for me!!!!!

    Aww…. Cazza as Claire says dont beat yourself up about all this hun I know easier said than done but look and think positive and I am sure it will all sort itself out. Our lovely Claire has and will continue to support you im sure as she is our Band Pro!!!!!

    Take care Cazza much love Ellie xxx


    Hi Cazza,

    Wondering how you are doing.
    So disapointed not to get to your group meeting last week… I did try huney honest I did.
    Found out the incident that shut the A27 was a van and a motorcycle, a faitality….
    This held me up for over two hours my side of wothing.
    Their was also a flat fire in amoungst the traffict jam where we were re routed through East Worthing and Lancing…

    It was gone 8.30 when I got shoreham side of worthing with somewhere near another 25 minutes to go….

    I did not have your phone number of that of the venue to let you know I was on my way…. sorry.

    Please dont let your efforts fall by the wayside…. Something your side would be a real treat…

    I do hope your not disapointed….

    I for one would love to hear from you, that your ok….

    Andy x


    Hi Buzz
    It’s a nightmare the A27 I haven’t been on forum for a few days have been mega busy but i’m fine I had my second fill last Thursday and after not eating for 2 days after a falling out with Jason I actually managed to loose the weight I had put on plus another 1lb in a week then within 2 days lost another 2lb so within the last week have lsot 8lb. Although I can now hardly eat anything and have been sick most meal times I dont know if it is meant to be quite like this or if to tight or just trial and error where I had no restriction. So will have to be really careful on my hols leaving home in 2 hours no sleep tonight flight is at 6am leaving home at 2am for 9 night med cruise. So there will be no wedding anniversary A’la carte dinner this year but the end result will be worth it. Hope you are well I didn’t get to your meeting due to hols Jason had to go to pub for a couple of drinks as a big fear of flying I said will knock him out with my tamazapam. I will pm you my mobile number I hope you can make next meeting. Again there were only 2 of us Honey and myself she is lovely but she is on her hols next month so I hope more people will start to come.


    hi Cazza
    I hope you do find resticition
    but you need to be aware that this may NEVER happen
    my banding was a nightmare that ended up being hospitilized with severe malnutirtion 3 years post banding
    but we ALL are different and people on here have often said how it works for them
    I am in a group of 6 former bandster all 6 vomoited regained and could only eat melted chocolate or sugar as it simply melts through the bands whilst many ”real” nutriants foods make you vomit 3 in my gropu have had a bypass and bands removed three are still coping ansd sruggling with thier bands
    I am NOT trying to put you off
    i Just wish someone had told me this when i WAS struggling and feeling like a failure for 3 years
    this site is about balanced opinions
    THIS IS JUST MINE and everyone is different
    there are people on here who are losing well with their bands as i DID in the first year
    I wish you well
    but if vomiting continues PLEASE get it seen too
    dont leave it like i DID
    xxxxx good luck on your journey


    Just be patient and believe, for sure you will have a baby in due time.


    I have had a bypass and have stopped losing too. I am 5 1/2 months post op. I am still eating very small quantities, ramakin size, and like you, am concentrating on protein. I went to see the dietician about 10 days ago and she told me that I probably wouldn’t lose any more and that once you have been obese you will never stop being obese.
    I have to say that I came away in tears. I asked if I could be referred back to the surgeons, if, in another 3 months, I still haven’t lost any more and she agreed, I would gladly do this again if it would help.
    I cannot change what I eat and I already exercise quite a bit so am just hoping that this plateau will end soon.
    I have to say that I am really disappointed as I still have another 4 stone to lose and I expected a lot more than this.


    That seems a very negative thing for the dietician to say! I too seem to have plateaued and still have at least 4 -5 stone I want to lose. I wont give up- I still eat some crap stuff like chocolate a bit too often- cos it goes down easily! I dont seem to have much restriction and probably need to make another appointment for a fill.
    All I can say is dont give up- keep fighting it- and be pleased with the weight you have lost so far- well I know I am!

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 66 total)
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