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Flu and the gastric bypass

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    I all
    I’m 10 weeks post bypass and have been doing really well up until this weekend. I have picked up what I thought was a simple viral bug but I have been sick for 4 days now and it is starting to impact on my eating. I feel absolutely exhausted and could have literally slept through the last 4days. I struggling to eat anything and I think this is impacting on my energy levels. I am being super strict about my fluids and have tried to increase my intake to over the recommended 2 litres.
    I just wondered if anyone has had s similar problem and could advise me on how they have managed what I suspect is bird flu (as opposed to man flu!) and Is it normal for me to feel so exhausted!!
    Love Katy x


    Hi Katy,

    I had the flu one month ago at only 8 weeks post op and I was in bed for 6 days, not able to move, just to the toilet and to get into the bath to get my temperature down, I think it took me at my lowest with my body defences, I also manage to eat just liquid soups, I know this is not giving you much hope but you will get through it even if right now you feel like you are going to die, just hang in there and have someone to take good care of you and if you need anything I’m here in Brighton close to you.

    Love Thais XX


    Hey Katy, how ya feelin now. I’ve been lucky and not been really ill since op but I did get 2 colds only 4 weeks apart which made me feel rubbish and I’m sure it’s cos my body is still recovering and cos it has somewhat less readily available fuel!!!!! Hang in there and keep up the fluids and just rest.. Body just needs time to readjust xxx get well soon. Xxx


    Hi hope you are feeling better I have had flu once since my op and it did feel worse than before but kept at it took some medicine avoiding those I couldnt take because of my bypass keeping up my fluids and got through it but it wasnt a happy experience!




    Thanks for the messages people, I’m still rough but not as bad so think its starting to go now! I ended up with laryngitis as well so had to have steroid nebulisers and tablets and lost my voice completely! (Much to my partners delight!)
    Annoying as I’m supposed to be singing in a concert on Thursday but don’t think I’ll be able to. My sisters and mum have also had this bug and it seems a particularly nasty one….one of my sisters has developed measles as a result. My gp agreed that it has probably been worse because the bypass is so recent but have been popping night nurse and found some sugar free cough medicine and throat sweets so hopefully on the mend now!
    Katy x


    I had 2 lots of flu and one of Bird flu after my bypass when, pre-op I never even so much as had a cold. I regularly get laryngitis now too. Would still never, ever go back though: I’d be dead by now and there’s no pill to remedy that!!! Hope you soon start to feel tip top again. Be kind to yourself xx

    Doodah x


    Thanks doodah
    I think I’m finally on the mend, although my voice has a very husky quality! Some may say sexy, I think I sound like dot cotton!
    Most of my family have had this bug but recovered quickly, I think it does take a bit more time, especially as I’m only 11 weeks post op.
    Anyway, I saw the posts about a meet up, id be up for that and willing to travel, I’d love to meet some of the lovely folk on here who have been so supportive


    I’m going to give it my best shot to arrange a meet up for us Forum guys this year. I would love to meet everyone xx

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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