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    Hi guys, how are you all today?

    I’m not long back from my consultation with the wonderful Mr Nicholas Bennett at the Spire Hospital, Portsmouth. He is very pleased with my progress and I have booked 21 February for my next phase of skin removal and corrective surgery. I shall be having my arms done (goodbye bingo wings!) and my breasts (uplift) and cannot wait to be finally ‘finished’.

    This will be the very last hurdle of my almost 5 year long journey. I can’t believe that FIVE years will have passed this July since I had the most life affirming/changing/saving surgery at the hands of the truly wonderful Mr Shaw Somers. I feel that, although Mr Bennett is giving me back my body, Shaw Somers gave me back my life. I simply cannot believe how lucky I am.

    The operations will mean more discomfort and a bit of time off but the thought of no more infections under my breasts and no giving myself a round of applause when I’m dusting or practically taking flight when I wave at someone fills me with delight. Ok, I shall be poor for the next three years but I HAVE those three years now! I can also work to pay for it. How utterly bizarre that I have a better life now than I did twenty years ago. I am sad for the years I lost due to being super-morbidly obese, but I’m looking forward to making up for lost time. All I would say to any of you is – don’t wait. Either to have wls or the corrective surgery after your weight loss. If you can possibly find the money (if the NHS won’t consider you) then go for it. You deserve it. You will have worked REALLY hard to get to the stage when you might want to consider it so once again, be kind to yourself. Put yourself first just one more time and finish your journey. Be the person you always wanted to be. If you don’t want plastic surgery then that is BRILLIANT. Not everyone either wants or needs it, but if you do, then ‘allow’ yourself to be happy. Happiness is there for the taking, and as many of us know, that now includes us. We ARE worth it.

    Doodah x


    Doodah it is great to hear you are having your next batch of surgery soon. I am thinking about what I might need in the future (love the taking flight when you wave comment) as well as thinking why didn’t I do the bypass years ago! Good luck with it all.



    Thanks Floyd. Like I said, I can almost see the finishing line! 😉


    Oh Sue, I just love your humour but I remember what you said in December about not leaving the final stage too long. With only another two stone to go I have to prioritise what will happen when! Firstly after two years I “need” a holiday, then what will I go for first, a knee, plastics and a knee or both knees then the plastics. The knees are the cheap bit I can get them funded!

    I would love to to have a breast uplift before my next mammogram as I felt I had lost all my stuffing, they did say they would have had to call me back if i had not admitted at the time to wls as they compare them with previous ones, but the great thing is not having groves in both shoulders that I had before wls. Although I have had a couple of spare tyres around the middle they too have lost their stuffing but are going to need sculpting!….

    I do wish you all the best for the 21st I would say rather you than me, but know I will be in the same situation in the not too distant future but in what order.

    Claire x


    Hi Claire. Shall I be 100% honest? Well, you all know I can’t be any other way lol! Get it ALL done. Don’t wait – do it now. If you have the means then go for it. It’s my one regret – that I didn’t do it sooner. OK, I’m going to be broke for the next four years but in truth, you simply cannot put a price on health and happiness can you?

    You must look sensational now. My goodness you looked amazing when I last saw you so you must look phenomenally fab now!! Have your holiday, then start your first phase of plastics. once you have had one lot done and feel the difference it makes, there will be no question that you will want to continue. I got all the money in place for all the procedures I wanted even though I was unsure how much of the plan was going to go ahead. If i had decided not to go with phase tow, I would have spent the money on a new car. That would depreciate in value the minute I drove it out of the showroom! I will always feel the benefit of this purchase 😉

    So, that’s my answer – DO IT! All of it. You deserve it x

    Doodah x

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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