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feeling emotional

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    Hi everyone

    feeling low today, start of the milk diet and for the first time ever i actually want breakfast,,,, probably because i cant have it……. it is not the milk diet making me low…. it is the date is now very close and my head is playing games with me….. i know it is normal from the experiences you have all shared.

    I am happy though and excited …. and i cant really believe it is happening….. feel better for that, thanks for listening…….

    Happy new year to you all

    much love and respect

    p.s is the oxo or bovril drink restricted to just one?


    Hi Karen,
    Get the first day over with and things will start to look a little better….
    I used to have two bovril drinks, one at lunchtime and one at tea time, its the salt content I think….

    Treat everyday as a new day, it will be a little emotional but hey its all for good reason hun…

    Operation worries will add to the pressure of it all but rest assured your in safe hands…

    Chin up, best foot forward and all that…. into the realms of a better life, a happier and healthier future than you could ever imagine…..


    buzz x


    Hi Karen,

    Know how you feeling I am day 3 of my liver reducing diet as having my bypass on 13th Jan at Southampton. I am really struggling, left having breakfast till later and now I am starving. need to drink more I think just don’t feel like it first time ever.

    I am going for a sleep as that will while away an hour or so just feel like I need to get through this 2 weeks and then hopefully it will be a bit easier. I think in some ways the milk diet would be easier as eating a tiny amount I think is harder and is making me feel even more hungry, before Christmas I was finding my pre – pre op diet not too bad and was losing but now I am really struggling as I can’t bear feeling hungry, maybe because I am at home it is harder. Got on the scales this morning and had put on!! :-((

    Still stick with it and maybe I will get a nice surprise in a day or so. Right big glass of water and a snooze before walking my puppy, Hang in there Hun you’re not suffering alone, but think only 15 more sleeps for me, what date is your’s?


    Hi Buzz and mandi

    Thank you for your encouragement, I have just had a bovril but only manage half of it, so will have another half at teatime, I am so glad this forum is here and you are all there.

    I know this is the right thing to do and I keep telling yself that life will be so much better and healthier , think thats what stops me running for the hills.

    good luck with your liver reducing diet and your operation Mandi, I have mine in Strichards on the 6th January/

    love karen xx


    Only 8 more sleeps for you then !!!

    Irene recommended the chicken Bovril which i got in Tesco as I don’t think I will like Bovril.

    Had lunch and long walk and made some more jelly ( Lemon & Lime) put some in expresso cups as thought they would be a good ‘snack’.

    Keep going – not too long now xx


    Hi Mandi, got some chicken oxos as i could not find the chicken bovril, not to long now though and i keep telling myself its only a week out of my new life……. I dont think it helps because I have what all us women have to put up with every month…. so making me bad tempered lol well at least that will be out of the way by next week.

    Glad you are doing ok and it is so good to have people to talk to when they know how you are feeling and thats what is so very precious about this forum, everyone has been there, getting there or there at the same time.

    Karen xxx


    Hi Ladies in Waiting
    Poor you. We can only empathise with you as you struggle through your liver reducing diet as best you can. Well done. I did mine in April and it wasn’t so bleak out and was sunny and the flowers were out in Victoria park in Portsmouth and I’d walk through there on my way to the city shops and think how lucky I was to be given another chance at living a normal life. I was also fortunate, at 62, not to have your hormonal highs and lows.
    You are doing really well and sound positive.
    Next year will astound you as you catch a glimpse of yourself smiling so proudly at how far you’ve come dear.
    Hugs to you from me.
    Have a good new year- the time will fly.
    Madeleine (Renn) 8 months after liver diet and A very very happy, AND WELL bunny


    Hi Renn and thank you x I am talking to myself quite a lot (how much better i will feel and how very lucky i am to have this opportunity that many do not get)

    I am trying to plan what and how I drink my milk… oxo and jelly, I may ring the hospital in a bit as the milk is now making me gag and was a little sick earlier…. not sure if my body is rejecting it or my head…. if that makes sense

    I am positive though and know that this is the last ^diet^ that I will have to go on

    thank you for the hug it is much appreciated

    love Karen xx


    hi renn congrats on your fab weight loss
    and hi karen too-it is hard and I wish you luck darling girl
    but please DON’T think (as your post states above) that this is the last diet you will ever have to go on
    you have to diet and excersize otherwise you will stop losing weight and even horrors of horrors start regaining
    Im not trying to put you off at all its still the very best thing i have ever done for myself but i live on a very small 800-1000 cals per day and do not lose weight but i do not gain weight either so its worth it for me
    Ilost 9 st in the first 9 months post op but am still 8 stones overweight and diet constantly
    EVERYONE is different
    good luck and happy new year to you both xxxx


    Dear Karen47
    Just wanted to send you a huge hug and lots and lots of will power. You can and will get through this and will look back with much pride. What you are going through is all part of our journey, a journey we all travel with you. Stay positive and focused………the loosers bench awaits!
    Lots of love xxxx,


    Hiya Karen47, your doing great hun, you’ve really come so far already to be on the home run for your surgery, least this should be the last your be seeing of these lbs. If you aint quite had enough milk I’m still up for that coffee and a natter if you fancy??? JoJo xx


    Glad you’re getting lots of important much needed support online.
    We are all here for you and hope you have a good day.
    It’s a new year tomorrow and may I wish you well and hope all your dreams come true dear
    Another hug on its way from me to you.
    Madeleine (Renn)


    Hello Stilltryingsohard
    Hi well done with coping how you have I’m really proud of you. Carol is right when she says online that we all lose weight differently and we are the same when we gain weight aren’t we.
    I just wanted to mention to you personally how much the GIDiet by Rick Gallop has helped me over the years to get to where I am today.
    The book is in all good bookshops and is very easy to keep to.
    I mentioned it the Dietician and she approved for me. It’s not a diet it’s a new lifestyle.
    If you are interested you may see it on Amazon cheaper.It’s a quick read.
    Do look at my website when you have time it’s on my profile page.
    Good luck and I wish you well for the New Year. Let us know how your journey is going I’m so impressed with your positivity!Bye Renn (Madeleine)


    thank you all so much for your advice and support it means so much, i am positive and know that my life will change in many ways including the way i eat and what i eat, i would like to wish you all a happy new year and lots of luck for 2011.

    Jo I will work out how to message you and give you my number it would be good to meet up

    much love and respect Karen xxxxxxx


    Hi Karen47, Sorry you was a bit low i know what you are going through i went throught it to but having the op was the best thing ive ever done for myself. all will go well and in a few weeks you will be feeling in top of the world happy new year Karen xxxxxx

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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