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    Does anyone know when the new series of THE FAT DOCTOR is coming or if there is going to be one? I have watched the old ones so many times I feel like the patients are my friends lol
    Diane x

    Ms Ellie

    CC same here loveee I know I know how to perform a Gastric By-pass now, how about you???

    Would love to see the people who were on there and how they are doing now


    I could certainly assist with any gastric bypass op too! Like you Ms Ellie I would love to see an update on how everyone is doing and coping with their new lives. The journey only starts with the surgery … it would be great to see more about the after effects and how people cope.


    Hi, It would be great to have a HOW ARE THEY NOW program. I have my friends and family hooked on the fat doctor now too:)
    I loved the three sisters, they egged each other on:)

    My friend had a bypass 6 months ago and has just been told by her hospital (Charing Cross) That she shouldn’t expect to lose any more weight!!!!! This week she lost another 4 pounds. She has gone from just over 20 stone to 13.13.
    Diane x


    My girlfriend, who by coincidence, had her bypass at the same time as the 3 sisters you mentioned, has lost 91/2 stone in the last year. She is still losing too! She is down from a size 30/32 dress size to a 12! She has also heard that one of the sisters is now pregnant after trying for such a long time which is wonderful news.

    Let’s hope the FAT DOCTOR team hear our requests for another series and perhaps with a different slant this time.


    Hi all. I think a new series is/has been made cos I heard that the cameras were at St Richards a day or so before I went in for my bypass on 4 Feb. Now if they had waited a few days they could have seen me and the girlies forming our own singing group – The Baritarics – that would have made great television!!!

    Mr Chris

    Hiya everyone…I´´m the new boy!!!!!!!!!!!….I have been asked to appear on a future series by Mr Somers…to tell and allow people to follow my story….won´´t let any secrets out now, but keep watching!!!!!!!!!and when I get funding and an op date I´´ll let everyone know…oh and by the way, I don´´t personally know any of you…..but I would love to meet some of you one day,as you are all an inspiration to me and those who follow!!!!!! This journey is going to be long and hard…I dont expect anything less, but a big thanks to you all for EVERY message of advice, encouragement and support x


    Wahooo a star in the making…way to go Chris…

    Its going to be an awesome journey I am sure, even more so because you will get to inspire future patients.

    I can see a star in the making here. Chuffed for you, really really chuffed.

    Good Luck

    Andy (Buzz)


    Well now Chris we’ll probably have to pay to contact you on this forum!!!

    Seriously, well done, I’m sure we will all follow your story with interest. Enjoy the new-found fame.

    Theresa x

    Ms Ellie

    Hi there Mr Chris well done you good luck just let us know when the new series starts xxx


    Hi All,

    I was in St Richards 3 weeks ago and the nurses said the new series of Fat Doctor
    should be on T.V in the Autumn, hope this helps . looking forward to seeing you on the new
    series Mr Chris, along with a great guy i met at my pre op who is appearing on the series as well
    good luck xxx



    Well done you must be over the moon, time will fly by and soon we’ll all be watching you on tv wow!!
    Enjoy your journey I for one cant wait for the new series to return, for me it’s how my journey started, so just think how many people out there will be influenced by your story.

    Take care xx

    Mr Chris

    Thanks everyone..will certainly keep you informed. Just one does a computer novice upload a piccie on here???????????….x


    Can you write you autograph on here Chris, we may be able to sell it on Ebay in a few years time.

    No honestly, good luck with your surgery and welcome to the board.:)



    You have to go into edit profile and then where it says browse ( I think) if you have a photo saved in a file , you just click on that file and it should upload.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 63 total)
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