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    Hi guys ,

    So I have got the info re sugary items no more than 5 g per 100 g serving etc . But I can’t find in my paperwork the fat content to watch out for . I realise the obvious stuff to avoid but now I’m looking at all labels so closely the fat content can vary so much .

    Any suggestions or advice .

    Im 15 days post op and officially broken the 2 St weight loss Mark this morning . Really pleased .

    Katherine . X

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    I follow the same rule with sat fat on labels as I do for sugar and has been ok so far!

    Well done on the weight loss!

    Emily xx

    ruby tuesday

    Well done Katherine, 2 stone off already! That is down a couple of sizes then! Fab!

    Not sure about fat content, I thought just no sugar was more important?


    2st in a fortnight! wow well done x


    Well done Kath, amazing isnt it… 2 stone is awesome and its gone for good, no need to pinch yourself your not dreaming.

    Fats for me personally set off some sort of gastric volcano, whilst most regular fats in foods will just have youa little loose, real greasy fats ( fried foods ) can make you have some pretty nasty toilet experiences.
    Thing here to remember is any reduced fat is a good thing, low fat is good…. it will help to maintain healthy weoght loss and hopefully go a long way to stoping stalls…..

    Sure we dont absorb as much as we used too but fats are just that…fat….

    Keep to low fat dressings and oil, the lower the better and your do well….. not to say once in a while you cant endulge….. lol..

    Its a difficult question to put a figure on and something your unlikely get a precise reply with…. Perhaps a dietician might be the right one to ask…. they should know.

    All the best, keep up the good work you little star you…

    Buzz xx


    I too find that too high a fat content can make me feel quite ill.

    I now cut off every visible bit of fat from meat and use the fry light spray for cooking and roasting potatoes etc. As Buzz said stick to low fat options wherever possible. I do find that normal mayonnaise makes me quite sicky so obviously the lowest fat version of these now used or fat free vinegarette.

    If you can keep to below 3% saturated fat is what I was told but we do need a little fat to make our bodies work to just make sure you are aware of it and see what works for you.

    2 stone is great !! I know it feels quite surreal and it will take sometime for your mind to catch up with your eyes and what you see in the mirror but it will come I promise you.

    Take care and just remember everything in moderation and get out and walk walk walk…. It will speed up your metabolism and help a lot.

    Well done you big loser…..


    My rule is to try and keep below 3 g fat per 100 g. However, that said, there are good fats and bad fats so I relax (a little) if the fat content goes a little higher but it is made up of unsaturated fats (like the ones from avocados for example). Sugar I look at the portion hit….I know I can’t tolerate anymore than 7 g per portion or have problems. Everyone is different in terms of tolerability but these are good guidelines for early post-oppers! You’re doing so well! Carol x


    Thanks guys . Got a good starting place now . I had a mashed avocado today and all was well !! .

    Carol – me and my family are working our way through your cook book – loving it !!

    Katherine . X x

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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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