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fat and sugar?

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    Hi guys just wondering what’s the limit on fat and sugar per serving or whatever you can have without getting dumping syndrome? thanks 🙂
    Lily x 🙂


    I was told per 100g no more than 5g of sat fat or carbs of sugar and I have followed this and been fine.



    As little (if at all this early) as you possibly can get away with


    Thanks guys 🙂 I’m not looking to eat fatty or sugary foods I’m just wanting to know so I can choose foods like weight watcher meals and stuff like that that won’t make me dump. 🙂
    Lily x 🙂


    I remember when I was 9 months post op
    and my son brought home the most delicious smelling curry take away
    I didnt dare eat it
    but simply could not resist a teaspoon of delicious yummy curry sauce
    god after 15 mins I was ill
    with the WORST case of dumping
    then last year my son and i were in Brighton and he bought a shake made up of ice cream milk and chocolate bar crushed into it
    I had 3 sips then got the WORST dumping i have EVER had post bypass
    I had to lie down on a bloomin park bench as was sweating so much and very dizzy
    so its quite hard trying to get it right sometimes
    I knew I should not have had either of those things but honestly thought
    just a little taste wont hurt
    boy was i wrong
    but then i have had chocolate at times and NEVER EVER DUMPED
    So i guess lily its hard to tell
    just a bit of trail and error till you see what YOUR body
    works well (& not so well with)
    best of luck
    if in doubt ask the dietetion


    You may become obssessive about looking at the labels on everything in the supermarket like I am – and personally I think thats a good thing. If its less than 5g of fat and sugar per 100g you should be ok. Im ok if its slightly over on the fat content as Im more sensitive to sugar and even granulated sweetener makes me dump slightly if I have too much. Like ‘still’ says, its all trial and error. Stick to the 5g rule and you should be fine but things can change day to day so be prepared for some swings and roundabouts!!
    Keep up the good work
    Jules xx

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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