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    Sally Bailey

    Hi John

    Agree 100% that porridge made the old fashioned way is the ONLY way! Mind you, I used to have it with a nice dollop of honey! I now use powdered sweetener but have no idea what McD put in it. Just ask them? Pointing out that if they lie, you will become ill! I once asked for sugar free syrup in a latte (skinny) and found out pretty soon that they had put regular syrup in!! I went ballistic! what if I had been diabetic!?

    Great food choice, porridge. Proper ‘comfort’ food without the guilt!!

    Sally x


    Hi John,
    Pretty sure McD’s don’t use proper Porridge oats. As a Scot I would only have Scott’s porrage Oats none of that other rubbish and definitely no sugar or jam, Now salt is a different matter.


    Porridge good
    until 3 years post op when even complex carbs can make you gain lol!
    but MA C D ‘s bad lol

    chubby girl

    Hello everyone. Guess what. I’m now having the POSE this Saturday I’d have preferred streamline to do it but they don’t do this op. I am so excited. Back up to 18.7 stone now whereas I had been down to 13.10 before my band came out. Will keep you posted on how op and weight loss go. Have found milk diet easy in day but impossible in evening. Dietician told me a small fish pie won’t kill me so have been indulging !!


    Forgive my ignorance but what’s a POSE?good luck with it whatever it is.


    Good luck with it Chubby (soon not to be) Girl!

    Just try to stick to the advice you are given by the professionals and keep your sense of humour and perspective!

    We’ll save a place for you on the losers bench ;-))

    Doodah x

    chubby girl

    When I had my band 9 years ago no one knew what it was and it looks like the POSE is gonna be the same. Best advice is google POSE WEIGHT LOSS PROCEDURE and all will be revealed …

    chubby girl

    Had my POSE this morning. All good so far. I’m even allowed home today!!! And had cup of tea already. Will keep you posted on how it goes ….

    ruby tuesday

    Did you feel as though you could only drink some of the tea then? I know it is done endoscopically, so did that mean no anesthetic? It would be interesting to know how small your stomach is now compared to the bypass.

    chubby girl

    I drank all the tea but it was a small cup not mug!!! Stomach now reduced about half I think. Very interested to see how it goes myself. Will keep you posted !!!

    chubby girl

    Ps yes general anaesthetic as tube v big apparently.

    chubby girl

    Hip hip hooray!!!!!! I’ve had my surgery (pose) AND I’VE HAD A SMALL MCDONALDS!!!! yes yes yes it was small and yes I counted and stayed in my calorie allowance that day but YES IT WAS LOVELY and I’m so glad I can still eat it !!!!!!!!

    ruby tuesday

    Bless, glad you can still having something you enjoy chubbs! Will be so interested to read your weight loss with this new method, keep us posted. xx


    Great to hear you are doing so well! Sounds as though you have found the right op for you, and being able to enjoy a little of what you fancy is great! Seems like you have all the support and help you need – fantastic!


Viewing 14 posts - 16 through 29 (of 29 total)
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