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Exercise- How soon after the op?

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    How quickly are you healed enough for exercise after banding?
    I had booked to go skiiing in early 2010, but I have just got my operation date and my holiday is now about 6 weeks post-op. (You don’t have to be thin to be able to ski, you know – I am the living proof!!)

    Toni Russo

    You will be fine. Go and enjoy!


    Something we do not realise when considering the dramatic weightloss after surgery is just how much muscle you loose as well….
    As you get closer to reaching your goal the last few kilos take that much more effort and this is where excercise will become an important part of maintaining good health and loosing those last few kilo’s.

    Very little is required early on, but neglect it and you will be in a similar position as me…
    I need to tone up, I need to get back into swimming to rebuild some of the muscles that have disapeared recently…

    At the of cost of perhaps gaining some weight, excercise is required.

    I only say this as I have noticed recentley because when I do become a tad poorely, I tend to get it worse and for longer than I did before… I am currently suffering MAN FLU, (girls can laugh) but this has really knocked me for six, where as I would normally have struggled through regardless….
    Just seems I suffer more than I did before? Does that sound common?

    I am going to get something sorted in the next week or so and start going swimming after work…. try walking more as the weather is nice and even use the fitness equipment I bought that is gathering dust….

    Not sure I want a wii fit? Not my cup of tea…

    Just consider the sooner you start, the easier it will be, dont make excuses like I did…
    See whats on offer locally, gym, swimming, walks…theirs lots to do if you just take a few moments looking….

    Good luck

    Buzz xxx


    Buzz, sorry to hear about you having Man Flu, hope you feel better soon.

    I would love to be exercising, I used to exercise pre-op (albeit in a limited fashion), but have not been well enough since surgery. Miss it hugely as it has always been a big buzz (no pun intended!) for me.

    I agree though, ideally the sooner we start post op, the better. I am worried I am losing muscle as I cannot exercise, I am also worried that I will stop losing weight because I cannot exercise. Not to mention the wobbly bits which need a LOT of work!!!

    Finding something you love is important, its hard to stay motivated when you don’t enjoy the exercise. Before I got big I was something of a gym bunny and exercised almost every day (gym, classes, aikido, swimming 6x week etc but also used to walk everywhere). Those were the days…


    Hi SJ,
    Sorry to hear its not so easy for you to find excercising easy. i do hope its something that can be fixed, by the sounds of it you did enjoy it somewhat……
    Hopefully, its nothing that is going to stop you getting back into something (gentle to start) with soon….

    I do understand many of us have surgery because of conditions that need to be fixed after some weight loss, carrying so much weigh for so long has to take its toll on limbs and joints…
    I do feel for those desperatley trying to get comfortable again….. I do.

    I am a lucky one, not complaining, just spill the beans sometimes without thinking others are going through soooo much more than me….

    Perhaps this is where some can suggest an easier or more managable form of exercising those all important areas….

    I look forward to your suggestions and replies..

    Andy (Buzz) xxx


    Hi Buzz,

    Thanks for your support…I am hopeful that I might start to be well enough soon to do things like exercise, at the moment just getting through each day is enough for me.

    I have always loved exercise, so I do miss it so.

    There are some gentle forms of exercise which I hope to re-visit when I am feeling better. I can recommend things like yoga, pilates and Tai Chi (and men go to all of these!) are gentle but very good forms of exercise. Tai Chi in particular (as long as you find the right form or style) as it is a martial art (without any contact!) in slow form. There is a great form of Tai Chi (called Tai Chi for Arthritis – although for anyone with health needs or getting back into exercise), it is really gentle on the body. Also, many classes add in meditation which is great relaxation…

    As you say, swimming is also great.

    I hope you can find something you can get into, and hopefully everyone can find something to their taste, but exercise is a bit like Marmite – you either love it or hate it!

    The exercise I want to get into this time around? Boxing!!! (not people though, big punch bags!) Not sure why, just reckon it would be good fun and great for the stress levels! Secondly I want to learn Tai Chi Sword – Tai Chi but wielding a big sword at the same time…. not sure what this says about me!!!


    LOL…cungers up all sorts lol…..
    Just when your ready hun, when your ready….

    I will make sure I dont pick a fight…..

    Buzz xx


    All I can say is bingo wings! Yes I know all about slowing weight loss, all about the need to tone up and therefore the need to exercise, now I have to find a bit more motivation to do it. I once asked a professional about the best exercise to do and she said ‘the one you’ll do’. She is right, no point in having an expensive gym membership if you don’t go etc etc. Like Buzz I need to get on the treadmill or in the pool or something and it starts TOMORROW! I promise to make a start…even if I just walk the dog for a bit further. There are so many regimes it surely can’t be hard to find one that suits…boxing, skipping, wii fit, walking, salsa sancing…pole dancing…yes just found mine (ha ha ha!..only joking). carol x


    ive never really done as much excercise before as i do now. a while ago i did ride racehorses but not much else. before that i did cycle race but didnt train much.
    now i try and train on bike 6 days,i go in the sea but not sure its proper swimming lol. i can see my cyclists calves now but also had the horrible flabby bits that my sport isnt going to help.



    I have also realised that exercise seems to be the key…i live by the beach and it has a great cycle path….mental note to Yvie…get on your bike and pedal


    Cycling along the beach sounds fabulous! Its all hills around me, which is very pretty but a seaside cycle would be wonderful – have fun!


    Exercise is one of those things I dread, didn’t need much when I was a teenager as walked miles everyday and disco dancing was something we did at least twice a week then practised most evenings! I have tried various things over the years but just never found anything that I was comfortable doing also when I was married it seemed that everytime I took up exercise I became pregnant 😆 I did aerobics and wondered why it made me feel so ill then realised I was expecting my first baby, 6 months after he was born I tried it again and second son was on the way this time I left it a bit longer before trying the gym and two weeks into it I discovered I was expecting my third son. It took me over three years (too busy looking after the boys) to take up swimming, four months later I was pregnant for the fourth time with my daughter!
    I have to confess that exercise is going to be my least favourite part of my journey (when I get there) but I realise it’s a very necessary part although I do have concerns as to how much I will be able to undertake due to arthritis in joints, my GP has told me that both my knees need replacing but I hope that weight loss might help anyway sadly walking is out for me at the moment and I wouldn’t be seen dead in a swimsuit. We will have to wait and see.
    Buzz, SJ and anyone else looking to be more active, good luck with finding something that you can enjoy but please keep us all posted as it will give us some ideas.


    OMG Suzie,…. was it something in the water or energy drinks……lol….
    Your post did make me giggle….

    So we have to work on things that might work for you where the arteritis hinders you….
    Lots of people have surgery with expectations to replace joints later, being overweight for so long has taken its toll on the old bones…
    So with weight loss from surgery hopefully it will aid and improve the future recovery for any joint replacements when they are needed…….
    Just imagine, your going to be a lot healthier when that time comes…..

    Lots to consider so this is why its important to make sure you get the most out of surgery that you can…..

    Swimsuits…hmmmmm never say never…

    Wishing you all the best, and an awesome journey…….

    buzz xxx


    hiya i am 12 days post-op and was wondering when i can start to exercise and what sort can i do, i was thinking of starting by just going for a walk with the dogs along the seafront for a few wks and then joining curves, but dont know when i should start, my dogs are only little so no chance of them pulling me to hard, lol. at the moment i am still experiencing pain in my left side (not really pain just like a stitch) so dont want to start yet.

    can anyone help


    I was wondering the same thing. Guy Slater did tell me pre op that I could go back to the gym around 6 weeks, which is a similar timescale for most operations. Annoyingly, I saw him for my first post op check up just now and forgot to check this with him! Hope your doing ok Cazza xx

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 36 total)
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