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Exercise for back pain

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    I have a back condition, in lots of pain daily, with the extra weight I’m carrying it puts a lot of pressure on my spine and walking has become a major problem
    I want to lose a few pounds before I meet with the surgeon, and although I love walking it’s not possible. Does anyone have any good exercise ideas they can share with me pls? Unfortunately I’m still eating bad ie big portions and I love chocolate lol but I am trying to cut it down. Any response be great.
    Thanks x

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    It’s going to sound obvious but have you tried cutting out the chocolate, you probably won’t be able to eat it after surgery so you could look at it as preparing yourself for life after surgery, it would also show your surgeon that you are prepared for the post surgery changes. As for exersize how about swimming.



    I have a back injury needing spinal surgery. I can recommend swimming, an aqua class if you can manage it, and Pilates is great for core stability. Hope this helps
    K x


    I have cut out a lot of the chocolate still having it but not half as much. I may give the swimming a try then thanks.xx

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    sue wants 2 be thin

    Lisa, hi and where are you from??


    Hi sue, I live inbetween maidstone and medway 🙂

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    Swimming is the best exercise for those of us with back injuries/problems. I have also found my exercise bike really helps as I can support my upper body but still get a really good aerobic workout. I have it in my dining room so when I have 20 mins whilst soething is cooking, I jump on it – 5 mins warm up, 10 mins rigorous workout, then 5 mins coold down. It’s better for me than watching the pot boil!!

    Doodah x

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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