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Evening sickness feeling

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    Hi all just thought I’ll ask, I had the band fitted Wednesday 31st august,

    Recovery all ok no problems, it’s just that the last few evenings around 1600 I have started to feel sick! Has anyone else had this… I have not been sick just have the feeling.. I wonder if what I’m eating is the problem although I’m following dietitians menu.
    Ie. Breakfast 1/2 weetabix very milky
    Snack fresh orange juice
    Dinner soup only five tea spoons

    Live John xx


    Hi John

    I know it sounds utterly bizzare, but I don’t think you are either eating or drinking ENOUGH! It should be tiny but often – at least 5 ‘eating events’ a day. Also, dehydration is one of the main causes of nausea (we women who have had morning sickness know this!) so maybe sipping water throughout the day will help.

    Have a word with your dietician though John, as only she/he will know what you should/shouldn’t be doing at this stage.

    Hope you soon feel better,

    Doodah x


    Hi doodah

    Thanks and I think your right my wife was saying the same that I’m not eating enough. And I gave also hardly had any water cos I just don’t fancy it where before op I would drink around 3 ltr a day I’m going to start drinking more little but often.

    I also seem to be going off all foods, one minute I fancy a soup for lunch then when I’ve done it three to four tea spoons in I’ve gone of it.
    Nothing on the menus from what Elaine gave me or the book return to slender I don’t fancy. But before the op they all looked and sounded good and I couldn’t wait to make them,,, one thing I did enjoy and nit sure I should have had it although it’s in one of the books I have and that’s slimfast shake….

    I was sick today for the first time after eating three very small bites of wholemeal toast… Chewed and chewed then urghhhhh …..

    Cheers for your help

    John xx


    Aw, bless you John. I’m sure once you get your hydration sorted, you will start to feel ‘normal’ again in the choices you want to make food-wise. The body is quite remarkable. Notice how the things you fancy are liquid based? Clever huh? I think nwe forget to trust what our bodies need. We are like babies and have to be weaned again lol!

    How about some very thin soup? That will be nutritionally good and help with your hydration. Little and often my lovely. That’s the secret.

    Always here for you as is everyone else xxx


    Cheers doodah.

    John xx


    Hi John,
    Think it may be a bit early for bread, I had my bypass in March and can still be sick after bread unless it is really well done toast or the ends off a baguette.Drink more and see how you get on.
    Take care.
    Elaine xx

    ruby tuesday

    Hi John, I am feeling pretty similar to you, and know I fill up with wind during the day which by afternoon to evening means I feel full and uncomfortable and nauseus, so I sympathise. Also don’t think I eat or drink enough, can’t get much food in, and hard to time fluids round the meals. A learning game I guess, we will get there in the end.


    Cheers all very value advise… Have been drinking more water today and the sick feeling that came on at 1615 has started to subside.

    The bread was toasted very dark.

    My main concern is I’m getting under nourished and my body won’t Burn any fat if it’s nit getting some fuel.. I managed A slimfast shake earlier….

    It’s just that all thought of food is so far from my mind it’s unimportant. But I’m a animal and need to have some food. Also the thought of mixing all food to a soft paste looks horrible and puts me of even more.

    Going to visit the super market later see what’s on offer.

    Cheers all
    John xx

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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