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Emotional eating

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    Hi guys,
    feel very low at the moment….. now 11 weeks post surgery all going ok really but up until a few days ago I was not bothered by crappy food… now though I could cry when I look at it as I sooooo want some, not tried as im scared for the following reasons
    1, dumping! had mild dumping with muller rice, so what the hell would cake and choc do???
    2, if nothing happens I KNOW I would carry on eating them 🙁
    I have been having a few episodes of emotional eating this week, nothing too bad, just not a good habit to keep!!!
    I seem to be getting very angry, very quickly. Thought it might be my thyroid but blood test is fine, so im wondering if its because I cant eat emotionally anymore so im pissed off with the world lol
    I also have moments of real sadness at the thought that I cannot have a ‘day off’ so to speak and just eat what the hell I want.
    I know that I wasnt gonna wake up after surgery slim, but to me it feels like after the initial burst of weightloss that resulted in easier movement etc that nothing much has happened…… it is but slowly and feels like 11 years not 11 weeks.
    God I sound so depressing and really apart from a few too many sickness episopes I am doing ok, have had a very crappy day where I was treated/spoken to very badly by someone who should know better (made my cry twice)
    Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow


    It’s hard
    and that’s why I get so angry at the people who assume wls is the ”easy” option!
    You are mourning the loss of food in your life-that’s why you are angry
    and if you don’t come to terms with it
    you may just emotionally turn to food not dump as eventually dumping goes
    then back to square 1 where you CAN (& perhaps will???) eat anything again
    even in smaller (but frequent) quantities this will result in weight gain.
    I have been trying to answer the following question for the 3 years I was banded and the 27 months since my bypass
    Let me know when you find out lol!!!
    Now it’s hitting home that this is for the rest of your life eh?
    good luck x

    Ms Ellie

    Hi there dragonella I hope you perk up real soon I think we all go through that stage at some point throughout our weight loss journey. I had my moment a couple of weeks ago something inside me just snapped whilst out shopping with twinkle my sister, I lost the plot and one of her shopping bags went flying across morrisons car park in the path of a car as to which the driver was not amused!!! I hope you perk up and try your best o enjoy your journey. Have you been to any support groups???? They are very good and you can share your experience with others who are in the same boat as us. Take care much love Ellie xxxx


    Hi Dragonella sweetheart,

    Hopefully your having a better day today.
    WLS is emotional at the best of times and so very hard to deal with when you just want to find comfort it what used to secure us.
    I too (even at 18 months out) find myself very short and quick tempered, something I never was pre surgery.
    A lot comes down to diet, travelling and eating bad,skipping meals and just day to day pressure.

    we are a little more delicate than we were but not many people appricaite that, they dont realise the changes other than seeing us thinner and healtheir. Mentally it is hard, emotionally it does not change, probably gets worse because we try to do the right thing most of the time…

    Having support and friendship allowing us to vent with people who understand helps, support groups offer so much face to face contact with people doing what we do, sharing is improtant if only to hear its normal.

    How we deal with it is up to us…. Personally for meal I sometimes just dont know where to turn, not anti depressants thats for sure…. I tend to bury myself in other peoles problems which make mine look quite rosey in
    Sounds awful but I’m really not doing so bad….

    You should let the person who upset you know, when you have calmed down. Make them realsie what they might have said was hurtful and not necessary. if they knew I am sure they would understand…

    Emotionally we venture on without much support or means of control, if it becommes an issue then it needs discussing with loved ones friends and possibly your GP.
    Your not weak, far from it… just suffering some of the side effects of WLS….

    Find the times your down, find the reason and then we can work on a solution together….

    But please consider going to a group meeting, they are awesome for encouragement and understanding..

    Ask at your next trip to the surgery if their is anything they would recommend….

    Good luck

    Buzz xx


    We don’t think about the program that are more common…
    An other most common way is balanced diet to be fit and healthy..

    ruby tuesday

    Hi, wondering how you are feeling now as your initial post was 3 wks ago, and also how the weight loss is going? I have bad days when I cant cope, and I am still looking at surgery, so up and down emotions are normal!! I have no idea what to subsitute for food when I am down or cross, that is when I want sugary food, but if you are able to fit into smaller clothes, I figure that has to be the new comfort thing at the moment? Best of luck, thinking of you.


    Hi, I can relate to all you are saying. I am 6 weeks post op and though I am having bouts of sickness due to either the food not agreeing with my tummy or eating to fast and not chewing enough, I don’t regret having my bypass done as I am getting my life back but it is the emotional side that is so hard to cope with. I have always been a comfort/emotional eater and now that has been taken away from me I am finding myself very short tempered and easy to cry. I was on anti depressants before the op and I was hoping to come off them once I had the op and though my GP has stopped a lot of my medication she wouldn’t stop those and now I can see why. I am coping and I really don’t won’t to go back to my old life and if anyone ever said to you took the easy way out and had WLS I won’t be responsible for my actions lol.
    I do hope you are feeling better by now but I do know it is hard.
    Take care.
    Elaine xx


    What to substitute for food……

    Its whyspend hours on the support group…lol a new addiction ha ha .

    You will find plenty to keep you busy, with all that new found energy your be oushed to fit everything you want to and can do in….

    Oh to have a crystal ball……

    happy days

    Buzz xx


    believe it or not but you are both(not you buzz lol !!!) still in the easy
    honeymoon stage
    just wait a year or so down the line when you can eat anything and still need to lose weight
    and you’re hungry and want to eat but dare not
    cause you cant go through all this to end up
    Oh you have it all to look forward to lol!
    this is the east bit when your pouch is still tight and small and you cant each much
    what you won’t belive but it’s true
    is you will long for these days back again when tiny amounts were all you could face and the weight
    WAS STILL coming off
    imagine living like this and no weight losses
    soul destroying my dears
    thinking of you
    happy days x

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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