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Emily.p’s Weight Loss Journey

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    Hi all my name is Emily and I went into St Richards on wednesday for my bypass surgery, I not going to lie I was very nervous going in but all the other patients and staff in there were so lovely they made me feel so much better and go in with more confidance and what to expect that the pre op appointments didnt. I am now on day 4 after my op and I have to say its not been to great so far but today has changed and I feel alot better and eating just that little bit more so very happy with that 🙂 Well thats me so far would love to hear from all of you with your stories…

    Thanks for reading hope to hear from some of you soon!



    Congrads Emily 😀
    Ill be on your side soon now 🙂 you must be so excited. looking forward to hearin about your progress 🙂
    lily x

    sonia kidman

    Hi Emily
    I had surgery on Thursday 24th and was also at St Richards I am now on day 4 myself and feeling good and surprised how well I am eating.
    Hope to hear more of your story to see how we both are progressing.
    Best Wishes


    Hi Emily and Sonia,
    Great to hear from you both, glad you are both doing so well. I am getting better and stronger each day but today I seemed to have turned a corner and are feeling really well, tummy still swollen and abit sore and I went to put on a pair of trousers that did fit me before op but because tummy bloated wouldn’t do up and that made me a bit emotional thinking gone all through this and instead of losing weight it is going the other way, but it is early days yet. Still can’t eat a lot but slightly more than I could.
    Wish you both well and it was lovely sharing the bay with you last week.
    Elaine xx


    Hi Both

    As you have seen I figured out how to use this haha. It is still all early days it can only get better I hope for all of us. Today has been my best day eating more and drinking more and enjoying it now rather than the thought of eating making me feel sick. I have lost 8lbs since wednesday and 1 stone 11lbs in total so that gave me a big lift and that it is al worth it as I also had a few days thinking what have I done like you Elaine with your trousers but got to try and keep positive. I had a few more cries for no real reason but over that now 🙂 Hope you both keep getting better and better and keep updated on here.

    Emily xx


    Hi Emily,
    I have had a real down day today done nothing but cry today but I am eating better and drinking so that means I am peeing ok, haha, have even managed a number 2 yesterday, just thought I would let you know. Well done on the weight lost, will weigh on Wednesday so will let you know how I am doing.
    Elaine xx


    Oh I know how you feel today is the first day that I have felt ok otherwise I have been down I had been reaching to be sick but nothing happening was really horrible my sister got very worried but havnet done it again. Well you know I had my cry so your not alone there it will get better we just have to be patient.Yes I had a number two on Friday but not since. Hope you have a better day tomoz!



    Hello Emily and Sonia 🙂 I’m 4 weeks post op now (done at Chichester by Mr Pring). I was quite sicky and emotional for the first week or so but once the internal swelling starts to go down and you can manage more food youll soon start feeling tons better (and pounds lighter!). Its not easy, I get fed up with soft mushy food and wondering what on earth I can have, but the time flies and youll soon be able to try new things. Early days its far more important to keep taking fluids, staying hydrated will keep everything working (including bowels). Take each day as it comes – therell be good ones and bad ones – look after yourselves xx

    sonia kidman

    Emily and Elaine

    You girls are lucky number twos I wish but still have lots of wind (hehe), I am sorry to hear you were so down but trust me I have been living in my nightie and dressing gown as nothing else fits and when I got on the scales I was heaver that before my op but you have to think of what our bodies have gone throw.
    Anyway It great to hear from you and I was out buy 9am on Saturday.
    Take care
    Sonia xx


    WOW newbies…lol,

    Welcome to the losers bench, were glad to have you join us…
    Emotions do run high at first and its all pretty natural to feel the way you do. Weight gain after the op is normal but will soon subside, its all the
    Windy, Well thats one thing that might progress or not…. I love being the windiest person I know but bottom humour is my thing.

    Its time to adjust and recover, no prizes for comming first in this race so no point in really goiing hell for leather, thing will happen naturally before your eyes, others will see the difference before you ever do…

    Relax recover, take your time and enjoy your new life.

    Wishing you an amazing journey.

    Shout and scream when you need too, theirs quite a few out here waiting to help, wanting to help…

    Good Luck

    Buzz xx


    Feel so much better today, my bottom has been playing a great tune today and I do believe my tummy is beginning to go down, might try the trousers again today and see.I have been going out and having a walk every day and I must say today I am finding it a lot easier to move so might venture a little further today but not to far.
    Take care
    Elaine xx

    miss missy
    Member all you guys i am also at the beginning of my 3 weeks 1 day post op and feel really well in back at work and thats fine but the thing thats really peeing me off is wind and indijestion.everything i eat and drink gives me indijestion and pain between my breast bone and come the evening my tummy dosnt stop gurgling,like when youve got an upset tummy.this is really causing me concern cos im scared that am gonna be like this forever and just gonna have to live with it.i no its still early days but it feels like ive had this forever.could anybody advise me if this is normal.much love.xxxxxx

    sonia kidman

    Hi Missy

    Are you still eating liquidised food? I have to say that I still have lots of wind are you still taking the anti acid tablets? Are you having enough food throw the day? If I was you I would go and see your Dr for some advice.

    Hope this helps
    Sonia x

    Ms Ellie

    Congratulations guys welcome to the losers bench


    miss missy

    hi sonia.yes am still on the mush.the dietician is meant to be ringing me later.hopefully shell throw some light on the situation.dont no if its cos im eating too much or too fast.never get it when am laying in bed or with hot drinks.the food i cook myself and purree down seems to be the worst.its a mystery but bloody annoying.hope they get to the bottom of it.much

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 30 total)
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