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    I had my operation eleven days ago. Been having my lovely pureed food. Yum!! But i really fancy doing myself one egg worth of scrambled egg or an one egg omelette. For something completely different to eat.

    Does anyone think it is too early for me to eat eggs or not???


    I couldn’t eat eggs for ages (months), they don’t seem to want to go down even when scrambled. You can dip a bit of toast in the yolk of a boiled egg if that helps?



    Thanks alot…….


    I tried scrambled eggs (very softly cooked) at about 2 weeks and was fine with it but everyone is different. I may have been lucky that I haven’t encountered many problems with eating all food groups. Many people tell me of their intolerances to meat, bread, pasta etc etc. I think the thing to remember is that it is almost as if we’re being weaned again (like babies) and sometimes we’re ready for a food and sometimes we’re not. The thing is if you don’t get on with it at a certain stage don’t ditch it for good….try it again a bit later and you may be surprised that it is then ok. You wouldn’t expect a child to never eat a food again just because of one or two poor experiences and good food habits need to be developed slowly over time. Don’t be in a mad race to the tape Helen, under 2 weeks is a very short time after surgery…you have all the rest of your life to eat well again. Good luck Carol x


    I am almost 10 months out and cannot tolerate eggs at all. They make me dump and leave me feeling very very sick…

    I tried dipping a small slice of toast into the yolk and that made me even sicker! So, eggs still off the menu for me!

    Everyone is different.


    I might try some on Monday or Tuesday.


    Helen – I know this is an old thread but can you remember how you got on ? I’m 15 days post op and was also thinking of trying loose scrambled eggs ??


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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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