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    I am 7 months post op and I weighed myself this morning, 6 days since I last weighed and I have GAINED 4lbs!
    I have got the flu, even though I had the flu jab so have been off work and feeling poorly.

    How can I possibly gain weight so fast?

    Any suggestions?



    Lorraine, don’t worry about it… there could be any number of reasons for a small gain – water retention, hormones (I can gain up to 6lbs during one week of my cycle, then it’s gone again the next), general fluctuations… You will probably have already found that your weight loss is a lot slower now than it was at the beginning and when it is that much slower, the normal fluctuations in our weight really show, as opposed to a plateau for a week before, it can be a few pounds on now… just watch it, try not to weigh yourself too often (ha! we all know how hard that one is!) and those 4 lbs will be off before you know it…

    take care


    Hi Claire,
    Thanks for the support.
    I would just die (figuratively speaking) if I stopped losing now. I have had a plateau already of about 6 weeks where I lost nothing and then it seemed to come off quickly so perhaps it will even out.
    What I don’t understand is that if I was dieting without the surgery I would expect to lose at least a couple of pounds week on 1000 calories and yet I am only eating about 500 and some of that is lost with the bypass so how can you keep losing if 500 caloeries doesn’t do it?
    When they tell you that you could only lose 70% of your excess weight I don’t understand why if you are still eating so little.
    I am back to see the dietician on the 14th so will have to ask them then.
    Thanks again for your support.


    Small gains can and do happen from time to time, as Claire says lots of reasons for this. The 500 calories per day is only for the first couple of months, then you start to eat more and more as your pouch gets bigger. This is why weight loss starts to even out after 6-9 months and usually stops 9-12-18 months post op (sometimes sooner). This is also the reason why 60-70% ewl is the average the people lose. We could not survive on a permanent diet of 500 calories per day.

    At 7 months post op, I wonder if 500 calories a day is enough? I am 11 months out and have been told that 1200 calories a day is not enough for me…maybe having too little is the reason for your plateau? Just an idea as too little can be as bad as too much! Confusing eh?! Obviously, I am not a dietician, and they will be able to advise you on this.

    Each person reacts differently to intaking fewer calories and that’s why some have small gains, others have plateau’s etc. Also, everyone’s diet is different, some introduce sweets and chocolates again, some never do for example. This is also why we are told not to expect to become size 10’s with BMI’s under 25, because this simply will not happen for most people. 60-70% ewl is enough to change lives usually.

    I have lost more, but I am more of an exception to the rule. I was told to expect to lose about 65%, and I had to prepare for that…

    By the way, the amount malabsorped with a rny bypass is usually tiny and the body adapts to this over time, so it does not usually make a huge difference.

    Do let us know what the dietician has to say.



    Isn’t this a MAJOR headtrip?-I sooo know how you feel-as I DID STOP losing at only 9 months and am still over 18st today 25 months post bypass
    and I have just gone on a 500 calorie diet to help me (hopefully) start losing again but am very tired after living on only 850-1000 cals for the past 2 years.
    I hope your weight losses continue
    cause this is hell
    best best of luck xxxx


    I was also told I wasnt eating enough at 850 cals so the dietician put me onto 1200 cals and after 1 week I GAINED 5LBS
    so stopped immediately.
    Dietition says I am metabolically compromised due to previous malnutrion from an ill fitted (not by streamline!) gastric band


    I can gain 2lbs in a day, only to loose 3 the next! I’m menopausal so my hormones are completely out of whack. I never worry about it as I’m now exactly where i want to be – a size 12-14. Never wanted to be skinny anyway. Mr Somers says ‘What can you do with a BMI of 25 that you can’t with one of 26?’ Never a truer or wiser word spoken.


    Thanks for all your promising encouragement and support.
    The main reason I want to lose more is that my BMI is still over 32 and I need surgery for an umbilical hernia and the doctor says I have to be well under 30 before they will operate.
    I have had a bad chest infection and every time I cough my guts pop out and I get a terrific pain in my side and I have to calm myself down enough to lay down and relax so that I can puch it back in again which is hard to do when you are in pain and scared it will not go back in. Problem is that coughing is making it larger and I am not sure how much longer I can cope with it.
    I am now on a huge dose of steriods for my chest which is going to make losing weight even more difficult.
    Seems like you can’t win!
    I just thank god that we are not discharged to soon as I need the support of the dietician, although having said that, last time I went I was told I had probably lost all I was going to lose which didn’t help my moral at all. I am seeing someone else on 14th Feb so fingers crossed they will be able to help.
    Thanks again everyone, you are such a great bunch!


    @Doodah 12334 wrote:

    I can gain 2lbs in a day, only to loose 3 the next! I’m menopausal so my hormones are completely out of whack. I never worry about it as I’m now exactly where i want to be – a size 12-14. Never wanted to be skinny anyway. Mr Somers says ‘What can you do with a BMI of 25 that you can’t with one of 26?’ Never a truer or wiser word spoken.

    aaagghh but what can you do with a BMI of 40!?
    So its great that you feel like this as most would at a size 12/14 9 IF ONLY)BUT some of us have worked so very very hard
    and are still at a size 20/22-@27 months post op god help us!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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