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Eating & Drinking out: FAQ

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    Nobody knows ive had the bypass and with xmas and lots of social events coming up i dont know what to drink. I dont want alcohol its just if i go to the pub i dont want water….any one got any tips??



    lime and water i drink- really nice!


    Orange juice

    pink lady

    water or fruit juice (not j20 loads of sugar) I also ask for a spare glass and wateri down a bit. love pinks x


    Coffee and orange juice my favorites but I have recentley had a few peach daquri’s will no ill effects…..hmmmm… not tempted to proceed down that route….. am comfortable with juices me…lol…

    Perhaps when your ready you can explain why, but that needs to be when your ready….

    No trouble celebrating christmas, enjoy

    Buzz xx


    I’ve taken to drinking tomato juice with all the trimmings. I never liked it before, but am really enjoying it now. Like you, I haven’t told anyone about my bypass, and it could easily be a Bloody Mary.



    Like the others I have juice and ask for glass of water to water down!!! I have had an occassional glass of wine but also try to water that down a bit too. Was at a party last riday and my sister brought me a barcardi and coke (my old fav) – I left it there about an hour then sipped it very slowly as did not want to be rude. Was fine.
    Take care xx

    miss missy

    hi just wondered if somebody could help me.ive just eaten out for the 1st time since my op 12 weeks ago.ordrered lasagne and it came with jacket potato.told my daughter that she’d have to prob finish half of it for me but managed to eat nearly all the lasagne and half the potato.i feel full but not stuffed.surely i shouldnt have been abl to eat that amount.ive noticed the last 3 weeks i can eat more and more,i eat my dinner and get full then an hour later i could eat again.its a worry for me cos i obviously dont want to come to a standstill with my weight liss and am still early days yet.i hope somebody can help me.much love.xxxxx


    Missy remind us if its band or bypass you had?
    I would be worrying if its a bypass, as you really shouldnt be forcing it so soon….
    Their is a very big risk you could do some damage and not have the best start if your eating too much.
    Just remember your insides really do need to heal, please be careful….

    Are you feelng hungry?

    I do worry

    Buzz x


    Hi all
    I am now 9weeks post op (bypass) and facing a new challenge next week I am going out for dinner to a restaurant prob ask or zizzi and I’m not sure what I should order?? I am thinking a tomato based pasta dish what do you all think??

    Thanks Emily xx


    Hi Emily,

    Eating out for the first time post bypass is always a bit scary. I would personally avoid anything with tomato in it simply because so many restaurants add sugar to it to soften the acidity of the tomatoes. Pasta may also be a bit much at just 9 weeks post op, I struggle with it at 15 months post op. Italian food can be very rich, so you have picked a bit of a challenge, but I have never been to Zizzi, so not sure if they can cater for your needs. I would go for something simple, not too high in fat.

    Have fun!


    I think you are a bypasser, aren’t you?

    Lasagne and potato are slider type foods, often we are able to eat more of such things even early post op. Try not to worry, but also be careful not to over eat, listen to your body, eat consciously without distractions if you can. Lasagne can be quite high in fat though, so good to avoid if you can to avoid any unpleasant reactions…!

    As you progress, try to eat firmer foods, and you should find that textured food is much harder to slip down thereby making you eat less.

    Are you eating more because you want to, because you can or because you feel hungry? How did you feel afterwards, any pain or discomfort? Did you stop eating because you felt full or because you thought you should stop? I think if you are worried, then speak to the team to put your mind at rest.



    careful with past hun, couple of nights ago i had some . never again lol.


    Hi Emily,
    I would try a fish base dish something like seabass in some sort of sauce, I know when I go up to my daughter’s and we will go Italian that is what I will be planning to have, hope that helps and let us know what you do decide on.
    Elaine xx


    I eat pasta all the time so don’t have any problems with it. I dont eat any sea food so fish is no good. Still not sure really??

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 28 total)
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