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Dumping Syndrome

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    Hi Whitey.

    I would bet my L K Bennett shoes on the fact that what you experinced is dumping!

    I’m menopausal too and have hot flushes, headaches, lightheadedness and palpitaions but dumping also comes (for me) with a side order of sleepiness, shaking and the feel/need to be sick. It sometimes even causes the runs too.

    Weetabix and milk is quite a lot of carbs first thing in the morning, so maybe try something with protein instead? Maybe some scrambled or poached egg? I can’t eat carbs in the morning still but am fine by lunchtime and throughout the day. I think it’s just a bit too much for our bypasses to deal with first thing for some people. We are all so different and we change throughout our journey. What makes you dump now might not be the case in 3 months. Very much trial and a fair bit of error in the intial stages.

    Hope this helps.

    Doodah x


    Ooooh LK Bennett shoes, a girl from my own heart Doodah

    Nettie xx


    Hi, I am having half a weetabix and milk for breakfast, this is what they gave me in Chichester. Is it ok to have scrambled egg when your on the purée stage?


    Hey I had weetabix in hospital . Went home had it and dumped llike you.. I still find it can make me feel funny. I don’t dump as such but on occasions sweeteners make me Wierd. Different things on different days make me feel Wierd. You’ll find what you can have don’t worry. I tried yoghurts early on for brekkie weight watchers fromage frais are good xxx


    Doodah, this is a serious business betting shoes….to loose shoes is to loose your sole!! This is the girl who had already bought 3 pairs of wedding shoes!!!! Cxx


    Sole.. Clearly I meant soul!!! Obviously too obsessed with shoes!! X


    HAHAHA!!! Squeaky, we were obviously separated at birth!! Only three pairs of wedding shoes?! You’re letting the side down (the side of shoe OCD-ers!!)

    Janie, I was having very, very loose/runny scrambled egg because I’m a veggie and needed to get protein in at every meal possible. However, a few of the guidlines have changed in the last four years (we were told not to eat nuts which was a nightmare for a veggie) so I would suggest contacting your dietitian on that.

    Like Squeaky says, we can dump on the same thing on two different days so try again later. I just found weetabix too ‘carby’ for me in the early stages and had porridge instead as it can be made with water and is just as nice. I always get my mild ration in my tea – I drink about 10-12 cups a day! Never have to worry about my fluid intake either 😉

    Doodah x


    Doodah clearly separated at birth !!! I have at a minimum 6 cups of tea in the office a day!!! And as for shoes the 3 count doesn’t include the pair that’s gone back and the possible second back up pair if my feet shrink too much for my Kurt Grigers( bought pre op) which would be very sad as I live them very much!!! Cx


    Jamie how was breakfast this morning? X


    Hi my breakfast was fine thanks, have not experienced dumping syndrome yet, just find that I would prefer more savoury options , but I’m not complaining.


    I’m 4 months out and finding I’m going more savoury options. I need good hard protein to keep me filled so some bacon medallions or a quorn sausage wrap! Yum yum ( obviously I’m not suggesting you have this yet:-) ) I loved laughing cow on crackers from 4 weeks out xxx


    My darling little laughing cow triangles!! As a veggie, they are a lifesaver. As are mini baby bells (Edam ones) oh and Marmite cheese portions….drool!


    Oh dear squeaky, your hunger has returned, I m hoping mine doesn’t. How much have you lost so far, and did you have the bypass. Good ideas for me for the future tho, thanks.


    Heya I had bypass 23rd feb. I’ve had hunger from about week 3 so just had to learn to live with it. Fill up on good stuff and drink loads and listen to whether it is head hunger or thirst. I was gutted I got hungry to start with but you can’t change it!!! Just change me to live with my surgery xxxxx


    Squeaky you are SO right about head hunger. When you feel ‘hungry’ do you have restriction – as in, feel full up quickly?

    Doodah x

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 62 total)
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