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Dumping Syndrome

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    The joke is though, I’ve not found it hard at all so far as these pills take all cravings away (well, for me they have). Just hope they stay away once I come off them!

    Question – when alot of you say you are sick on things, is that a blockage sick or do you feel sick and throw up? It’s just that I’ve never suffered with this problem. Occasionally I will feel a bit ikky but nowhere near needing to be sick and and only chuck when something is stuck (5 times so far this year) A YEAR………………… IT’S A YEAR TODAY SINCE MY BYPASS!!!!! JUST LOOKED AT THE DATE LMAO


    Hi Hazelann,

    I feel blockage sick. For the time being I will wizz the casseroles into soup.

    Congratulations on your WLS anniversary!


    I just feel damned uncomfortable if I have a blockage. I’m stupid though cos I’ll let it sit there for ages and ages in the hopes it will work it’s way through and then go get rid of it but by that time it’s really wedged. I just can’t bear being sick so am a fool to myself in those circumstances lol


    Poor you, I HATE being sick, but the blockage feeling is even worse!


    Can anyone explain why we get blockages? Don’t mean to sound thick but I thought that the way food goes in remained the same? Or am I wrong. Gosh just read that and I do sound very thick. I understood it was the outlet that was re routed.

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    It’s because we have a pouch at the top of the stomach. A bit like the pouch that’s made with the band but different. Food goes into the pouch and filters through slowly (well, if it’s food that’s kind of solid). We don’t have a valve at the bottom of the stomach like normal people though. I seldome get blockages but do find I need to slow down with eating when I’m eating things like veg. Sloppy stuff e.g. shep pie goes down a treat and I also find bread does which isn’t the norm. I find if I have bread with food it slips down easier. Strange but true.

    Hope that helps.


    Hi all
    All going well post op although I think I had my first dumping experience this morning. I was recommended in hospital a tiny bit of honey to sweeten my porridge and I literally had the smallest bit (I’m only managing one or two teaspoons of pureed food at a time at the mo) and half an hour later I came over all sweaty, dizzy and felt the urgent need for the loo! Definitely a deterant…..I won’t be going that again!!
    Otherwise I’m doing ok and after a small nap I felt much better!
    I have to admit that my tastes are already evolving , I never used to like porridge but it was nice….and I’m enjoying the simplest, bland food which is totally opposite of my previous need for strong flavours and lots of chilli!!
    My partner is being amazing and looking after me although she is poorly herself now with a rotten cold. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.
    Katy x


    Hi Katy

    Good to hear your doing ok, isn’t it an amazing feeling knowing your on the downward track to getting healthy and enjoying a new life. If it’s any comfort I experience my first full blown dumping syndrome Wednesday night, and I’m nearly a year post op, it just goes to show ow different we all are.

    Take care and lots of love


    Goodness me, I had another Major one today after half a yogurt. This one had me dripping in sweat and nearly fainting on the bathroom floor… I’m hoping these are just hiccups and not going to become a regular occurrence!!


    I am SO jealous!!! I’ve never really had anything like that at all. Yeah I’ve had the need for the loo and had to run but never what you’re describing. I only wish I had as it would have saved me from being able to eat the crap that I can eat now!


    Is strange hearing about dumping with sweet stuff, I am 4 weeks post op and I haven’t had any with sweets things but some bad experiences with things with a bit of fat or oil (bit of tuna in sunflower oil, or tiny bit of mayo), not the urge to the toilet thought, just sweating, nauseous and headache; when they talked about dumping in hospital and here I thought it was only with sweet stuff.

    And Katy try natural yoghurt and put yourself the fruit (banana, strawberries, mango….) I buy Total 0% fat which is very yummy and not so bitter like others brands, works for me.


    I will try the total yogurt idea, thanks for that one. Seriously, I know it is supposed to be a deterrent but I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I actually thought I was going to die this morning, I had that impending sense of doom. I knew to expect it but not with such simple things and also not do soon. I’m less than a week post op and it’s happened twice with really plain simple low sugar low fat food. I’m definitely not being in anyway adventurous and plan to stick to the diet plan to the letter but now I’m scared of eating at all!


    I had my first one, first week post op, with a mushrooms soup and I thought I was going to die, so you are not the only one…
    Just keep calm and don’t be scare try things slowly, I think after a while you start to notice if something is going to make you dump and you’ll stop on time, before it gets too bad.

    Thais wrote:
    I had my first one, first week post op, with a mushrooms soup and I thought I was going to die, so you are not the only one…
    Just keep calm and don’t be scare try things slowly, I think after a while you start to notice if something is going to make you dump and you’ll stop on time, before it gets too bad.

    Thank you Thais
    I was so upset yesterday as it was just really unexpected. I’m also feeling a bit rubbish but I’m sure it’s post op blues! I just keep reading all the positive stuff on here to make myself feel better xx


    Hi Katy.

    I had major dumping last night on…a vegetarian meal! It was so awful I was sick 4 times and it felt like I was dying lol! I’m annoyed because it must have been hidden sugars in the meal that caused it as I eat vegetaian food every single day. It looked awful when they put it in front of me. It was supposed to be vegetable kebab on mediterranian cous cous. It looked like dog poo in a litter tray!! It was so dry I was almost gagging and it tasted as appetising as it looked. When I got home, I raced to the loo and was sick. Then followed the runs and terrible frothing. It must have been so full of hidden carbs that it was lethal. Needless to say, we didn’t pay the bill and won’t be returning (husband’s steak had wrong sauce and was almost raw) and the service wasn’t up to much either. However, despite all this, my bypass is still my best friend because it still reminds me, even after almost 4 years, that we should only eat what we know is fresh and easily identifiable. My bypass stops me from becomeing blase about my food choices.

    Doodah x

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 62 total)
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