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Dumping Syndrome

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    I was thinking of having a gastric bypass but I’m a bit worried about dumping syndrome as it sounds awful. Is that when food gets stuck and you’re sick? Is it painful?

    Toni Russo

    Dumping syndrome is a common, but unpleasant scenario, which can occur after some weight-loss surgery procedures such as gastric bypass. Food and sugars enter the small bowel in a fast an uncontrolled way. This can result in a quick change in glucose levels and can result in the patients feeling nauseous, light headed and shaky.

    Most patients learn the trigger foods and tend to avoid them.


    I made the mistake of trying a chicken nugget! I chewed carefully, but had awful indigestion and was sickie poo!!!

    I am a bit bored of soup and yoghurts, I have my bypass on 17/11/11 – when will be able to start eating solid food again? Or does it just vary from person to person?

    ruby tuesday

    Yuck, poor you, I remember trying scampi when I was able to cope with solid food and salad, and was awfully unwell, told later at support group it was due to the fat content in the breadcrumbs mixture it was cooked in, and that prawns or fish not battered etc would be fine, which proved to be correct, so you are probably ok with chicken, just not in nugget form!! Best thing is to follow the list you should have had from the hospital, it means you don’t try anything too hard to digest too soon, and soup etc does get boring, but you can always puree a normal meal and try a little! xx


    If in doubt, even the slightest: don’t. You have the rest of your life to try new foods. It gets incredibly boring after a few weeks of slop but I believe it is crucial to try to see the bigger picture (‘scuse the pun!) and learn to trust the procedure and those who give you all your advice (surgeons, dieticians etc.)

    Everyone is different and will move at a varying pace through the initial stages. We will all make mistakes and some will still be caught out years afterwards (like me with a REALLY ripe Brie :-/) but it’s rather like weaning a baby – some of it works and some doesn’t. The result is pretty much the same too lol!

    Just keep on trying – you’ll get there in the end. Wls isn’t varying stages: it’s for life. We need to tailor it to fit in with our own lifestyles and, in my opinion, that’s the hardest part to learn.

    ps I’m still learning 😉

    Doodah x


    Thanks Ladies!

    I ate it without even thinking about my surgery. I am so in the habit of eating my kids’ leftovers, that I popped it in and immediately regretted it.

    Ah well, you live and learn!


    Rose i did the same once , but it gets better!!!


    I bought some ginger and herb prawns from Iceland the other day and cooked them up. Had about 5 of them and felt “not right” for about 30 mins. I’m never sick other than the odd stuck thing as I have a very strong constitution due to a sick phobia but I can quite imagin the feeling would have sent others to the bog to get rid of it. lol


    I hope you feel better soon! Christmas is really difficult when you are trying to eat healthily!


    How did you manage all through the Christmas/festive period Rose? Did you get through it ok?

    The first Christmas is always difficult, especially if you have recently had surgery. My first Christmas was 5 months post op and I found it ‘challenging’ to say the least. Absolutely no problems whatsover now 3.5 years out – just like any other day. It DOES get better, I promise x

    Doodah x


    My problem is now I have stopped smoking (4 days in) I’m hardly eating. Supose I should be happy I’ve not replaced nicotine with food but seem to be using tea as a substitute and I’m now concerned I will now lose more weight and although I’d like to lose another couple of pounds, it seems far too easy to sail through the day without eating a thing especially when I’m working. It’s never easy is it!! Yet when I was smoking it was very easy for me to eat shit. My last bad night was eating 14 liquour chocolate truffles and had no side effects at all. What’s that all about!!!! Yet a few garlic prawns left me feeling like shit for a while. You’ve gotta laugh or you’d cry.


    14?!?! It’s awonder you weren’t ruddy plastered haha! Agree though, you never can tell when something is goingot ‘strike’ you. Maybe that’s what keeps us on our toes?

    WELL DONE on giving up smoking. My goodness you are going to be so healthy, you will put us all to shame 😉

    Doodah xx


    Still off the fags and don’t crave them at all. Even after a bad day at work on Saturday I was ok. I’ve been on Champix which to me are a wonder pill. I’m so proud of myself as I did try the patches but they were useless and I still had the craving. It’s funny really cos whenever the phone rings now, I seem to automatically put the kettle on. Thank the lord I don’t go for food instead though. I just need to get fit now but tbh, that aint likely to happen as I’m self confessed lazy even though we have a fitness room in the house (sounds very posh but it’s really the junk/freezer room with stuff in it). lol some things will never change.


    I am suffering from ‘fat finger’ syndrome at the moment – my typing is dreadful. Sorry. Also, I type faster than I can think….or is it the other way round haha?!


    Congratulations on quitting smoking. I kicked the cancer sticks 20 years ago and remember how hard it was. It DOES get easier!

    Christmas was fine, but turkey and sprout soup didn’t half make me fart!!!

    I am seeing a specialist nurese at the SPire Hospital Portsmouth on Thursday for a check up and weigh in.

    I’ve made loads of slow cooked casseroles, but keep throwing them back up. I can manage tins of chunky chicken + veg or beef + veg soup….surely casseroles are very similar?? I can manage shepherd’s pie ok. I’ll ask the nurse about it.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 62 total)
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