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Dumping syndrome – part 2

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    Hi there,
    Can anyone tell me if dumping syndrome occurs just after too much sugar, or can it occur after too much carbohydrates. I ate about 100g of Japanese crackers then about 10-15 minutes after began to feel panicky and shaky and then nauseas.
    Am understanding how other bypasses feel when they don’t know what to eat. Am 12 weeks post op.


    Hi Jane
    I think everyone is different. I am six months post op and avoid sugar like the plague although I can eat natural sugars like honey with no problems. The only things I have ‘dumped’ on were a yogurt in the early stages and a salmon andnpesto tart more recently but i think it was too rich. I suspect that too much of anything high in carbs or fat can cause it and my experience of I was so awful that I try to totally avoid anything that might cause it unless I am in the safety of my own home! On the flip side i find it sometimes a good thing when dumping or frothing occur as it reminds me that everything’s working as it should. Don’t get disheartened by it. I don’t have too much trouble finding things to eat and have lost 8 stone in 6 months and am now a BMI of 25…. something I never imagined could happen!!
    Katy 🙂


    Wow Katie, that’s amazing. I’m not too worried as I too have avoided sugar like the plague, just wondered if that was what I was experiencing.


    It definitely sounds like a mild dose of dumping! I had a horrible dump in my first week post op. I collapsed the bathroom floor and it was enough yo put me off sugar for life! That said, I am much braver now and will they most things (except cake and chocolate!) And tend to test new stuff out at home first 🙂


    I am now nearly 18months post bypass and 11 stone lighter and had never had dumping syndrome, avoided process sugar and to many carbs like the plaque could handle natural sugar like hone and fruit great that was until about 6 weeks ago. Had to go to my GP as I was suffering dizziness, sweats, heart racing, nausa and crashing headaches, she thought I was showing signs of ” dumping syndrome” put it down to the fact I might be overdoing the fruit ( I was making a wonderful fruit salad with 0% fat natural yoghurt and a little honey) so I stopped that but all the signs are still here, was back seeing her last Tuesday, she put me on a low/ no carb diet and has referred me back to St Richards, so I am just waiting for an appointment to come through and to see what they can come up with, but I hope it is soon as I am getting to the stage where I really don’t want to eat because of the side effects food is causing me, body is not coping with any sugar of any form or carbs either.
    Elaine xx


    Oh Elaine I’m sorry to hear that, hope you get sorted soon.


    Hi Elaine

    Sorry to hear you are experiencing troubles with high sugars – natural or otherwise.

    It’s not uncommon for people to develop food intolerances throughout their lives. In fact, some people only become aware that they have had a lifelong intolerance/allergy when their diet is examined closely after a bypass so in a way, it can be a double edged sword. A blessing that the allergy has been discovered but a disappointment that you can’t eat foods you have liked your whole life. Whatever the outcome, try to bear in mind that you will become even healthier in the long run ;-))

    Doodah x

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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