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Dizzy’s Weight Loss Journey

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    Ms Ellie

    Hey there Dizzy congratulations on your super weightloss…. well done you xxx


    Great news Dizzy well done xx


    Dizzy fantastic! you must feel like a new person? carol x


    Thats a massive weight loss, must have cost you lots in new clothes! Well done xx


    Not costing me much at the minute in new clothes as i am now wearing all the stuff i have shoved in the bottom o the wardrobe over the years as it got too small, plus Liz is passing down stuff thats now too big for her….. Have worked out i need to shed at least another 10 stone to be at a healthy weight…….onward i go…….


    Hi Dizzy,
    Well done….. fantastic results so far and still a way to go..all in the right direction…

    I begrudged spending too much on new things in the first 6-8 months just cos Im a skinflint, so I wore baggies…. needless to say I have had to go do some new clothes shopping but ontly the essentials.
    I am determined now at a year out to loose that last stone, my wardrobe is looking pretty dapper….

    It is such an acheivement to miss a size or two without realising…lol…

    Good luck on your journey

    Buzz xx


    Hi Dizzy, Buzz is right, don’t spend too much…I bought a dress 3 months ago and didn’t have an occasion to wear it and…yeah…you’ve guessed , too big now! Laughed like crazy this morning when Evans sent me an email about their new clothes line by Beth Ditto….looks good but don’t need it…can go anywhere now and you will too! Bet you’re looking good! Carol x

    pink lady

    Yes I am thinking of going to the charity shops. Got some quite good ones in winchester. Pinks


    That is such an amazing weight loss. Congratulations.

    I haven’t had my bypass yet but i’d be interested in knowing how your head has coped with the changes. Do you still get head hunger? Hope you don’t mind me asking

    Laetitia xx


    Laetitia, i think if honest my relationship with food was almost at an end by the time i had my op, altho i got as far as pre op stage 5 yrs ago n then decided not 2 carry on with things, this time there was no stopping me ………i taste food now, i eat wen necessary n not 4 the sake of it and i have never felt better in my life, still a very, very ,long way and i know its gunna slow down pretty soon but i have accepted that i can exercise no more than i am, as swim 6 days a week n walk the other day and eat only as much as i need 4 survival and health…. so it will come off as and when it does, and i avoid the scales as no longa feel the need 2 constantly know what i weigh…… ur in great hands and amongst friends my dear, sit back and enjoy the ride !!!!!!!! Do i miss food? nope not yet n hope i never will, i seem 2 have replaced it with a love of clothes !!!!!!!

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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