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Dizzy’s Weight Loss Journey

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    Hi again, i cant seem 2 work my way around this new fandangled site but decided i had to try to at least say hi….. Its my 6 week check up on Tuesday at Chichester and have managed to stay off the scales, well thats not strictly true, my daughter hid them !!!! I am awaitin the weigh in with excitement and nervousness…. i have missed u, Buzz, Miss Ellie, Lindy loo, Precious and all the others xxxxxxx


    Hi Dizzy

    Hope all goes well on Tuesday bet you come back with a huge smile on your face 🙂


    Hi again Dizzy,

    Sure all will go well on Tuesday. Really admire your resolve to stay off the scales…I just can’t do it! There is no doubt if you can then you get a wonderful surprise and none of the disappointment on a daily basis if they stay the same or rise a little. Do let us know how your get one! Love Carol x


    Dizzy :kiss: its so lovely to hear from you, I wondered where you had been, I hope the last 6 weeks have all gone smoothly for you. You have done the right thing staying off the scales because I have had times like Carol has mentioned above when I have stayed the same and its so disappointing!! Especially when I think to myself I am eating just about enough to keep a fly alive! So I have now changed to a monthly weigh in on 7th of each month. I can’t wait to hear how you have done. The more you play with this new site, the easier it gets I promise. Don’t stay away to long . Loads and loadsa love Precious xxxxxx :kiss:


    Had my 1st check up on Tuesday 20th, it seemed a very long 6 weeks but was well worth the wait, as you all know my daughter locked the scales away so i got a very nice surprise….49lbs down !!!!!!


    Hiya Dizzy. Well done on the WL. I think you will be happy about no scales.

    Lindy Loo:wink::wink:


    Oooh, fab loss Dizzy! Well done huni, you must be chuffed to bits!! :hug:

    Ms Ellie

    @Dizzy 6113 wrote:

    Had my 1st check up on Tuesday 20th, it seemed a very long 6 weeks but was well worth the wait, as you all know my daughter locked the scales away so i got a very nice surprise….49lbs down !!!!!!

    49lbs bloody fantastic Dizzy…… miss you to xxx




    How wonderful well done :grouphug:


    Wow, that is impressive!
    I have my first check up on Tuesday, I will be happy with half that.
    Well done!


    Flippin ‘el Diz ………………… thats fandabidozy girlie ………… how happy must you be, crikey thats some weight loss there girl …. Well done!! :kiss: actually I’m thinking you deserve another :kiss: lol

    Keep up the good work

    xxx precious xx


    wow Fab WL :cheer2:

    xx bet you feel great xx


    Well done Dizzy…… Great results…the scales are very thankful……. lol.

    Keep up the good work your doing GREAT..

    Buzz xxx


    Have been back to The Loxwood Centre today for my second weigh in, 2 and a half stone down this time, on adding it all up i suddenly realised im 95 lbs down since my assessment day at the beginning of May !!!!!!!!!!! Have still so much to go but ticking along nicely xx


    Wow, what an amzing achievement so far, good luck 🙂 x

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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