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Dining out after weight loss surgery

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    Hi guys

    Happy St Patrick’s Day to those of you who celebrate it – I know I do!

    This has been posted on the Streamline website today; some great tips and advice for dining out after weight loss surgery. I know that when you first have wls it feels like eating out might be tricky, but, with a bit of planning, it can be fabulous.

    Hope you enjoy reading it and perhaps learning something new. If you have any other suggestions, please would you add them here – we are all learning all the time! Thank you 🙂

    Doodah x

    Dining out After Weight Loss Surgery


    It can be a worry at first but I got the hang of it. I considered the wisdom of ordering from the children’s menu but the difficulty is that we seem to feed our children crap. My bypass would not thank me for chicken nuggets and chips. However if a restaurant offers a child portion off their main menu that is brilliant for us. Sometimes I order just a starter, making sure it’s protein based.

    A carvery can be a good choice too, where you get served your meat then you can add one potato and a spoon or two of vegetables. I normally find half of the meat gets wrapped in a napkin and taken home for the dog. Waste not, want not.

    I went to America last year and portions there are obscene. I was travelling around so I did eat out a lot. Normally what I ordered for tea got taken away and I had for breakfast and dinner the following day. When I got fed up with that, yoghurt, cheese, nuts and fruit served me well. I had a few little picnics like that.

    Wls is life changing and we’ll never be able to eat like normal folk if we want the benefits to last a lifetime. Planning and thought are essential. But it’s well worth it.

    Chris x


    Hi Chris

    Thank you so much for all the hints and tips.

    I have been told by several friends that the portion sizes in the USA are huge. It is surprising that anyone can eat it all in one sitting!

    You are absolutely right about planning ahead and taking your own snacks. I have mini cheeses, nuts, fruit and tea bags in my bag most of the time. If all else fails, a humble glass of milk will see me through in a fix. It is a bit scary at first but well worth the effort for the better social life alone – or in your case sense of adventure 😉

    Doodah x

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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