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Diabetic Meal

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    I wondered if any bypassers have had experience of eating a diabetic meal on a long haul flight. I am not diabetic but wondered if it would be a better option to order if the sugar was limited. Also wondered how you coped with eating on a cruise after bypass. My hubby has come up with the idea of going on a 3 week cruise next March to celebrate our birthdays but the thought of eating out for 21 days is a little frightening! I will be 9 months post bypass by then so should be able to manage most things. Any advise welcome



    To be honest at 9 months post opp which I am at now I wouldn’t worry too much, there is very little I cannot eat now and only have portion size limits on what I can eat. You won’t have any issues with the airline meal either as most of them are so small you will think its been made for a bypass patient.

    Just enjoy your holiday and just eat small portions, just because its a 7 course meal does not mean you have to eat or try to eat all 7 courses does it.

    After 8 months you will know full well what you can cope with so it won’t be difficult. We become very quick learners in the early days.



    Hi Whitey

    If you are worried about the in flight meal, then go ahead and order a diabetic one but bear in mind that it will probably be packed with fats too.

    I recently did a ten hour flight so was served two meals. The first was a vegetarian one which was so-so but edible and the second was a light snack. That was a great option and if I’d thought about it, I would have requested two of those. Crackers, cheese portions, fruit and tea/coffee (unlimited.) What I didn’t eat straight away, I kept for a bit later on. Also, I swapped the calorific ‘dessert’ with my children for more crackers!

    Like Paul said, don’t worry about it – just enjoy it. You deserve it! Many of my wls friends have been on cruises and in fact, they are the very best option because there is so much choice and no set portions. So, Harr Harrr me hearty and away!

    Doodah x


    I recently went on holiday and it was a buffet option for breakfast and dinner. I have to say I found it difficult as I eat very clean at home, I don’t use oil and I limit my carbs and sauces. It was very hard to do that on holiday but you are on holiday so don’t obsess over it. Use a side plate and chose your protein first before adding other things to your plate. You will be fine. I found I actually did more exercise on holiday than at home because the hotel had a gym and swimming pool. I swam for 40 mins a day and had people coming up to me encouraging me. It was a great feeling. I’ve never been on a cruise but I’m assuming they usually have those facilities too so keeping up the exercise is a great way to know that if you are eating slightly more or different foods it’s not a problem. I didn’t have a meal on my flight but brought a salad in the airport instead. Obviously depends on how long your flight is but I felt that was the best option. I was on a high because I didn’t need a seat belt extension and could put the table down! That is a great thing. I hope you have a great time when you go away 🙂


    Shelley, the seat belt extender and lap tray are two of the biggest thrills about losing loads of weight arent they?

    Mine was a 10 hour flight so I had to eat something on the plane. Like you say, try not to over think it – you will be on holiday after all. I went all inclusive, so as much of everything as you want and still managed to loose weight. Like you Shelley, it was the swimming. What we really need is to all do the Lotto so we can install swimming pools in our gardens! Nice dream eh….

    Doodah x


    I almost asked for an extension automatically but a friend of mine reminded me to try the belt on it’s on first. I nearly cried with happiness when I could fit the seat belt and then the table went down. I was a child last time that happened. I was sitting next to strangers so it made a world of difference not to have to ask for the extension or try not to spill my tea. I actually was so excited I ended up telling the guy next to me about the surgery, he was very impressed by it all. I’m a pretty shy person with strangers so I must have been on a weight loss high to have the nerve to talk to a stranger about it.

    Yes to win the lotto for a swimming pool (indoor I think in this current weather) would be fantastic. Oh well we can always ask Father Christmas 😀 x


    May just write that letter later an dsend it off 😉

    How amazing that you are now so much more confident that you can start up a conversation with a complete stranger!? I’m always flabbergasted at all the ‘little’ things wls does for us besides save and improve our lives and health. Love it.

    Doodah x

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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