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    Hi Lesley,

    Great news…. A wow moment.
    So not everyone will notice the very early stages, especially ourselves but you have proff in the pudding, that dress you have not worn for a time will hang off you in no time at all…… lol….

    Your be borrowing the daughters clothes soon enough, that will cause a few fits of histerics….

    Were so proud of you..Well done… and remember…its gone for good this time 😉

    Buzz x


    Hello lesley

    glad all went well at the clinic (didn’t you do well) its such a good feeling when you get on that special dress, im going to start my swimming again on a Tue night let me know if you want to come.

    The exercise well be good im thinking of all that skin

    talk soon and very very well done

    love Denise xx

    sonia kidman

    Can you tell me what happens on the six week check up as I have mine this Monday and would like to know what is going to happen.
    It’s great news about your weight loss and it feelis so good,I also have one of thpse dresses that has been sitting in the wardrobe for years and I tryed it on Last Sat and my husband said wow you look great in a dress for the first time in years I have to say I felt 12 foot tall as I am sure you did.

    Well done :O)

    Sally Bailey

    Hi Lesley

    Well done you! You must be feeling on top of the world?! How encouraging for anyone waiting for/considering wls. It’s great when people start paying compliments isn’t it? Not that I’m shallow or anything. It just makes a change from people feeling sorry or disgusted (which was my experience) Keep up the good work hon.

    Sally x


    Hi All

    Thank you all so much for your kind words of enouragement, it’s GRRRRREAT, as the tiger says.

    Sonia, nothing scary happens, you go in, get weighed, then, after a short wait you get called in to see the nurse, you have a chat about how things are going, she asks about your diet and how your doing and if you’ve got any problems with the wounds and then it’s home for another six weeks. I got my second appointment date came in the post this morning so that doesn’t take long to come, the next one is with the dietician, so I’m going to do a food diary for a couple of weeks so I can show her what I’m eating, you know what it’s like you always forget something and this is the best way to ensure it’s all covered, I think anyway.

    Denise, I’ll pm you about the swimming.

    Again, thank you guys for the lovely words of encouragement, my daughter went on a shopping spree today, and came back wit some lovely clothes, she even given me permission to borrow when I get to a size 14, won’t be long I hope !!! lol.

    Take care all

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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