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Day one of milk diet

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    Hi all. I am on day one of my milk diet. Was doing so well up until 7pm when I ate some bread. Now I feel really guilty and am scared it will affect my band op which is next week

    I have drank nearly 2 litres of milk, had an oxo cube drink and drank teas/coffee

    Is there anyone on here who wasn’t totally strict with this diet?

    Also Is there any alternative to this liquid diet? As it really had me fitting on the toilet all day at work 🙁

    Please help!


    Hi! I’m on Day 11 of the milk diet and I found it a lot easier to get used to after the first 2-3 days. I wouldn’t worry if you strayed a little on Day 1 – just as long as you start back up again and stick to the diet until your surgery day. You’ll feel very proud of yourself if you’re strict!

    If it is still tough after the first few days (or if you are still sitting on the toilet – poor you!), I think there is a low-carb diet you can switch to? It’s best to call the dietician.

    Best of luck x


    It is quite tough but it actually prepares you for post surgery when you cant each much(ever again!)
    and then 18 months out when hunger really returns and restriction and feeling full disappears
    so try your very best to work with it
    thinking of you and wishing you well on your WL Journey xxxx


    Thanks for that goldie. I have not strayed today but have suffered bad headache which the dietician told me is quite normal

    She has also accused that k can eat a low fat yogurt to replace some of the milk so I have topped up on muller light yogurts!

    Are you having band or bypass surgery?

    Thanks for earlier advise by the way!



    Thanks STSH… I will keep you guys posted on my journey. I am in for the band on 12th April.. Not long now



    @Rs82 13837 wrote:

    Thanks for that goldie. I have not strayed today but have suffered bad headache which the dietician told me is quite normal

    She has also accused that k can eat a low fat yogurt to replace some of the milk so I have topped up on muller light yogurts!

    Are you having band or bypass surgery?

    Thanks for earlier advise by the way!


    Yes, I had a bad headache on the first day so I tried to drink of lot of water and stay rested. I wish I’d known about the yogurt, I’ve been dying to spice up this diet!

    I have actually felt really good on it so far – I’ve been suffering from quite severe stomach acid pains for a long time and for the first time in 2 years the pain has completely gone away. I haven’t needed any indigestion medicine at all. I’m not sure if this is because I’m neutralising the acid with all the milk, or my stomach is enjoying a holiday for working so hard. But I must say I’m feeling very strong and healthy and my friends have noticed. I was sure I would be feeling faint all the time and wasting away! Also lost 10lbs in 11 days, so that’s a lovely side effect of the diet!

    I am having the band – the day after tomorrow – eek! Hope you start feeling better soon x


    Ok guys I really need help. I have again struggled to stick to the milk diet on day 4. I am drinking most of the milk and water required but can’t stop picking at food. I’m due to have the band next Tuesday and am now scared that I have messed the whole thing up

    I am too scared and embarrassed to ring the dietician in case she tells me that the surgery will have to bf postponed

    What do I do? I thought I was stronger than this but I just am struggling so bad..yougurts aren’t enough to keep me away from real food. I guess that’s why I’m this big in the first place 🙁

    I’m 28 and have a bmi of 40…

    Do you think Iv increased my risk of complication in surgery?? Please help..


    Ask yourself-what are you going to do and how are you going to cope
    after you have the band and you are really hungry but cant eat????
    Start preparing yourself mentally for all this now
    cause its the hardest thing you will ever do
    BUT ONLY YOU can do it…..or not!
    Which is it????
    The band doesn’t take hunger away
    it’s not a miracle cure
    all YOU can do is keep trying
    good luck x


    Please do call the dietician! I remember her saying there was an alternative diet for those who found the milk diet difficult.

    STSH is right, part of this diet is preparation for a massive change in lifestyle, but you should speak to the professionals in case this just happens not to be the right diet for you. And please don’t worry about speaking to them, there’s no way you’re the first person to struggle!

    Best of luck xx


    Thank you guys

    I will call the dietician tomorrow…I hope she can help me further

    It might not sound it but I am prepared of not bring able to eat like I do now after my op, as I will have the band to also physically restrict me

    But i think I’m doing it at the moment so as to enjoy the last bit of food I like before my surgery. I feel so guilty when doing it and regret it after 🙁

    Will call the dietician tomorrow. I only have 4 days to get back on track

    Also my friend who had the GB surgery wad told to go and have a ‘last dinner’ the night before her surgery. Were any of you told this?



    remember that although the band will ”restrict” you (hopefully -but restriction CAN take a while)
    So it is a major life change
    but although difficult is soo worth it
    good luck xxx


    I’ve NEVER heard of anyone being told to have a ‘last meal’!!!

    Sally Bailey

    How are you doing? Did you get to speak to anyone? ‘Head Hunger’ is the hardest part of the journey in my honest opinion! It might take week/months to come to terms with. Just stay determined to make the op work for you and keep trying. Hope you are ok.


    Last Meal, before surgery? I DONT THINK SO, not unless your on some form of specail diet.

    We might be confusing “Last Supper Syndrome” which is normally the last binges before going onto the pre op diet….
    Last supper syndrome is an opotunity to have those last favorites for a while.

    Being on the otherside some 18 months, I now know the Last Supper is a myth…LMSAO.
    I can eat just about everything comfortably with very few issues, just in normal portions.

    Bandsters have the added trouble of feeling hungry, unlike bypassers who losse the nerve that tells your brain you hungry.
    Restriction is they key and being a little more focused is in order.

    In any case RS huney, you will get results.

    Have a wonderful adventure…. Your new life beckons..

    Buzz xxx

    Sally Bailey

    Well said Buzz x

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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