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Day 9 on the white stuff

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    Day 9 today on the milk diet and really finding it tough today 🙁

    It was my husbands birthday yesterday and was torture last night with family round and take out curry on the menu, my favourite.

    I put on a brave face but still struggling tonight can someone please make Tuesday hurry up?

    Man this is tough but if I cant cope with this how will I cope with everything after the op?

    Feeling a little sorry for myself today but that just makes me feel selfish as I’m so lucky to be getting this opportunity, just need to snap out of it.

    Summer :-/ x

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    Summer – hang in there you have come so far not much longer . I also had my hubby ‘s b day on milk diet and it threw me for a few days too . I promise you it is easier after !

    Katherine . X

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    ruby tuesday

    Dear Summer, you are doing really well, and it is perfectly natural to feel distressed by sitting with other people who are eating food you love, we are animals after all, and don’t naturally live on a liquid diet, so your feelings are totally normal, and you are not to worry. Yes it is difficult, no, we can’t eat much after surgery initially, but, you will work up to having small meals again, and introducing a wide variety of food back into your diet, and many people are not actually hungry post-op, which can mean we don’t feel as deprived as if we were using will-power alone. My friend Tinks once she was on sloppy food, just pureed her normal meals she cooked for her family, and had her favourite curry from quite early on, so you may find you are like that too, and can tolerate nice spicy food, just much more blended and moist.

    For now though, try not to look too far ahead, just cross off each day of milk diet, remembering all the extra fluid, jelly and meaty salty drinks, and then concentrate on the op, and then on the recovery etc. I found that helped me, and after the op. I did have to clear my wardrobe and hook out stored clothes a size down which is lovely.

    We are all here for you, and you are strong enough to keep going so don’t put yourself down, try to excercise, and to go off on your own with your milk at mealtimes if possible. Thinking of you, xx


    Thanks guys all good advice as usual, this time next week I will be all done, just need to stay positive.

    I’ve done so well already, weighed myself after 7 days lost 19lb so should not moan really.

    I think the family birthday thing was what shook me really bought it home to me that big plates of my favourite curry dishes are a well and truly a thing of the past, which is where I want them to be really as it helped me get to this size in the first place.

    It’s just going to be a challenge some days.

    Summer x

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    ruby tuesday

    19lb oh my goodness, what an achievement, well done xx


    WOW Summer,
    19 lbs is an amazing start to your journey, but this part is not about the weight loss it is about shrinking the Liver. It is so important my friend has just had a problem because her liver didn’t shrink. The surgeon knew as she hadn’t lost any weight that it hadn’t shrunk, she didn’t get her op done, they tried and it was no good. I think we can safely say yours has shrunk with that amount of weight gone in just 7 days.
    I have been sharing my hubby’s take away curries, just a piece of chicken and some rice that is enough. You will find your way through this journey, don’t worry about what you can or cannot do as everyone is different and can tolerate different things at different times.
    Good luck.
    You are doing amazingly well.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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