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day 7 of milk, not great, but paid my op bill 10 mins ago and am going ahead !

Home » Topics » Surgical Journey » Pre- Weight Loss Surgery » day 7 of milk, not great, but paid my op bill 10 mins ago and am going ahead !

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    found milk very hard, constipation a nightmare !

    advised I could do a low carb, chicken and veg stint, so am doing that for a couple of days and then back on milk – which is a good thing, as I bought enough cravendale to float a battleship 🙂

    However, not long ago, I found an empty office and used my brand new credit card to pay for the bypass, so next Tuesday cannot come quick enough.

    still got letter to write, but have had a really good session with local vicar (a lot of positives) and now I am on my way


    and bricking it !


    Hi Keith I had problems with the milk diet too I found my lips swelled up. I swopped between milk & the low carb. I wasn’t constipated though. Keep drinking lots of water. I remember freaking out after I had paid for my op thinking there was no way I could back out! I think the last few days before your op seem to stretch out and it seems to take forever to get to the op date. I wish you well for Tuesday you will be fine.

    Elaine x


    Hi Keith

    Like you say, no turning back now lol!

    I know it seems ridiculous when you are guzzling so much milk to harp on about hydration but it’s so tru that you should try to keep sipping water all day. It really does help with constipation as does gentle exercise. Swimming always does it for me!

    I shall wish you well for Tuesday now as I’m going to be off work for a while after my tummy tuck so I might not have access to a computer for a while, or rather, not be allowed to use one! I’m supposed to do nothing for 2 weeks: now that is my idea of hell. Anyway, your new, healthier and happier life is literally just around the corner so be prepared for the ride of your life. By my reckoning, our loser’s bench must go half way round the world by now haha.

    Doodah x

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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