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Day 6/14 of Diet :-(

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    Hello Everyone,
    Thought I’d post and whinge generally about the milk diet.
    Mainly because it’s such a shock both mentally and physically :frown:
    Trying to adapt to the loose of that constant full feeling is a real nightmare after having it all these years.
    I’m a volume eater and having a band fitted 31st May.
    I started the diet on Monday 16th May weighing 23st 6lbs. Now it’s Saturday 21st May and I weigh 22st 10lbs. I’ve lost 10lbs which is great and I was hoping to loose more but I’ve stayed the same over the last 3 days.
    Anyway I digress.
    The diet is supposed to shrink the liver not loose weight, but I can see the weight coming off, I can’t see the liver shrinking.
    Rightly or wrongly, although I doubt there’s a wrong way of getting through this awful diet. I have a jelly, unsweetened of course, as my main meal with milk to bolster my constantly returning feelings of emptiness throughout the day.
    I thought caffeine free low calorie coke would help, being fizzy, with making me feel full, but when I rang the clinic for assistance I was curtly told that fizzy drinks though cuasing no harm at this point weren’t allowed.
    Regardless I will be finishing off the crate of eight.

    I rang the clinic and asked if there was anything I do to alleviate the hunger pangs. I was told in no uncertain terms that I could have salad with low calorie dressing and cooked vegetables.
    Under further consideration I decided not to take these alternatives for the following reasons.

    The application of a gastric band is to help me loose weight and control my eating which is presently out of control. My brain and stomach are both addicted to volume eating, the sensation of being full is all they want or desire.

    The milk I’m presently consuming gives me a sensation of being full when I drink it. If I allow myself to eat a salad and/or vegetables I know I will snack on those (finding them more appealing than pint after pint of milk) and the daily allowance of milk won’t be consumed as I will be full. Therefore the diet won’t be fulfilled.

    Taking this into consideration the only think I can do at the moment, or until I gnaw off my left foot, is to continue as I am and try my damnedest with the milk diet.

    Here’s hoping I last, Regards Colin

    Ms Ellie

    Hey there Colin stick with it it’s hard I know but I’m sure that all Your hard work there will pay off for you in the end xxxx

    Take care much love Ellie xxxx

    Well done on your weight loss so far!

    betty boo

    Well i am also on the milk diet and finding it hard as i also gave up smoking a couple of months ago, i have fallen off the wagon a few times, i ate a beef sandwich, pickled onions and wished i hadnt. I could of gone on eating and eating, i was so upset with myself. Two days to go now and i hope i can make it without eating.

    Betty Boo xxx


    Hi Colin

    Well done on getting this far on the milk diet, you say your having your sugar free jelly as your main meal, are you haveing your bovril/oxo drink once a day as well, I used to have this as my main evening meel and the jelly for lunch, with my milk and it helped doing it that way.

    Well done on the weight loss, I lost about 10 pounds on the milk diet so don’t worry too much, it’s just giving you a boost to start you on your journey.

    Take and and let us know how you get on.



    Hey Guys & Gals,
    Thanks for all the responses. It’s always reassuring to know you’ll get a response from like minded, people in the same situation as you 🙂
    I appreciate your candor and time taken to reply.
    After reading your responses I decided if I was close to falling off the wagon I should do so for a worthy cause. It seemed pointless doing so for an eagerly grabbed biscuit of some such so I asked my wife (who can’t understand how I’m managing a whole day, let alone a whole week) to do me a grilled bacon in a panini.
    This she kindly did and I ate with great relish and patiance. It should be noted I had to take a break 1/2 way through and after eating slowly was full the rest of the evening. As a result I missed off eating my jelly and only drank 2 pints of milk.

    As with so many other things though. It was the anticipation more than the act than I enjoyed. Or is that just me 🙂
    Anyway hopefully I can continue now until the end without the need to fall off the wagon again. I did weigh myself yesterday. Something sadly that seems to consume more time that it should and found I’d lost another 2lbs.
    This totals 12lbs and whilst I realise and appreciate I shouldn’t be concentrating on the weight loose, it’s hard to do.

    Anyway I’ve chuntered on long enough, or too long some might say.
    I’m off for a glass of milk 🙂
    Regards Colin

    miss missy
    Member so sorry to hear of your struggle.its so awful and i just dont understand why they put people on the milk diet.becuse im not a lover of milk i was put on the low carb high protein diet and i so enjoyed it and was never hungry.i had egg bacon tomatoes and mushrooms 4 breakfast then was allowed fish or meat with salad or veg(including peas and sweetcorn) 4 my lunches and dinners.was also allowed fruit a youghurt and a sugar free jelly every day plus an oxo drink.i lost 12lbs in the 2 weeks and as far as i know my liver was why they dont offer that to everybody i have no idea.thank god i dont like milk cos dont think i could do it.would def have cheated.anyway i wish you all good luck with the remainder of your torture!!!!!xxx


    I to can appriciate your problems with the dreaded milk diet, my bypass was in April last year and i did the milk diet for two weeks as well, i can truly say that the milk diet was the hardest part of the whole process, i had an oxo and added milk to my jelly to make more of a meal at dinner time, don’t forget this diet is very important as it shrinks the liver alot and the surgens need this to help them to perform the surgery safely, i have gone on to loose almost 11 stone and have a life back and its great, i wish you lots of luck on this fantastic journey xx


    Hello All

    I add to what has been said about liver shrinkage necessity. It is worth it to be safer during the op so try and keep that in mind although it’s hard. Congratulations to Jacquie whose weightloss is a true inspiration to keep in mind.

    Good luck all milk dieters today.

    Madeleine (Renn)


    Just wanted to add … Im on the sidelines supporting…
    The milk diet is not a punishment….

    Back on the wagon…happy days

    Good Luck Buddy



    When on the diet I had 1 jelly and the stock cube drink as my evening meal to look forward to even though I hate bovril etc I used to drink lime dilutable drink during the day as well as the milk, and it all seemed to help. As Buzz said it’s not a punishment and when it’s over and you are “op’d” you wont even think about it!

    Keep going




    Hi there

    I’ve just started my milk diet today and thankfully I only have to do it for one week. I woke up this morning and thought “my God, this is it, this is the start of what will hopefully be the beginning of a new slim me!!” Through sheer determination I shall hopefully grit my teeth and get through this week but I know it will be hard because I love food (which is why I am the size I am). The weekend is going to be the hardest though – eek!



    believe it or not but in 24 months time you WILL look back on the milk diet as the EASY PART!!!
    I have lost 162lbs and am 27months post bypass and can and want to eat for england lol!!!
    but dont cause my fear of gaining all my weight back is greater than my (ever increasing) hunger
    hopefully you will use the early post op ”honeymoon” period when weight loss is ecelorated to find some new ”coping stratergies” to help you NOT turn to food when you are feeling emotions which are difficult to cope with
    all the very best

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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