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Day 5 post op and need some encouragement PLEASE

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    Hi Streamliners

    Am day 5 post op and very low, I will see my gp on Monday hopefully about going back on fluoxetine as have not had it since mid milk diet. I have regular thoughts of ‘what have I done’, and wonder when I will feel like me again with energy?

    Will I ever be able to eat out again with my family? Will it get better soon? Will I stop being upset?!

    Maybe just an emotional blip, advice please.

    Floydee 🙁


    Chin up honestly it WILL get better !!!!! I am 3 months post op and am enjoying doing lots of things with my family – including eating ( just no where’s near as much as before) !!! Think slim you will get thru these days !!! X


    Hi Floydee don’t be so hard on yourself! You have just had major surgery and your body is still recovering. You have taken a huge step to give yourself a slimmer healthier life. It’s a brave decision for all of us and I’m sure we have all had doubts pre and post op. It will get easier and you will be able to eat out etc. I’m 9 weeks post bypass and I’ve been out for a pub lunch today (a small about of jacket potatoe & beans). I would advise you to listen to your body and rest when you are tired and not expect too much too soon. You will have ups and downs along the way but as more experienced streamliners will probaly tell you it will be worth it. I found this forum a godsend to help me through my ups and downs so use it when you need to and your Streamline team are always on hand too. Good luck and hope you feel better soon x


    I’m just coming up for 4 weeks post bypass( band out) and am feeling fab, loosing weight and feel more confident already, back at work this week but on light duty, I couldn’t have imagined feeling like this at your stage, rest and relax and you’ll soon turn the corner.Xx


    Thanks for the replies, it is a major operation and I am sure this will pass.

    We went to a barbecue with friends today and that was hard, but I slipped away and had some puree!

    Loving the encouragment, thankyou.

    Floydee x


    Hi Floydee,
    Glad you managed to get out. As you say it is a major op that we have been through, so we need to give ourselves time to adjust with our whole new way of life. I am glad you are seeing your GP on Monday, bear in mind that it takes about 2 weeks for Fluoxetine to be excreted from the body and two weeks for it to build up again (I used to be a pharmacist!).
    I am sure when you start seeing a slimmer you, it will give you the boost. We have made this decision to extend our lives and live them to the max, so we will see the results and get there. We know from everyone else’s experience that this is NOT the easy option, but hang in there.
    Unfortunately, I am not getting out as I can’t manage the three flights of stairs to get out of my flat!!! Hopefully, next week. I confess I have stopped wearing those stockings as they were giving me very painful blisters at the tops of my knees, hope that’s okay?


    Hi Floyd,
    I am sure you will get better soon as the experience members are saying.
    Did they advise you to be off fluoxetine during pre op? I have no experience but wondering if that was necessary !
    Best wishes.


    Hi Floyd,
    I am now 17 months post bypass and life is wonderful, in fact not an hour ago my other half and I was talking, neither of us can believe it is 17 months the time has just flown by and he said can I honestly ask have you ever regretted having the op done and my answer was NO. You are so early stages, just had a major op, body still recovering and adjusting and you are at the baby stage of eating, further down the line life will return to as normal as it ever will be, you will have adjusted to what you can eat or can’t eat, I still have reactions to some foods but you learn to live with it. I am now nearly11 stones lighter and doing things I never thought was possible for for me, exercise for one and I am loving it never in a million years would I have said I would enjoy exercise lol. Life is wonderful for me now and it will be for you, just give yourself time, oh and like you I was on fluxetine, not any more don’t need them, in fact I am off all medication and I no longer need my cpap machine as no more sleep apeona. Give yourself time as I said very early days and as you start to see the benefit of your surgery you will start to enjoy the finer things of life. I go out for meals with the family, the first time was scary but now no worries, in fact life is now back to normal and it will be for you.
    Elaine xx

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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