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Day 5 after bypass operation

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    Hi, I had my opertation on the 10th of April by Mr Guy Slater and came home on thursday afternoon. Couple of quesitons about food that can be eaten the first week after surgery and wondering if anyone can offer any advice.

    Can you have mashed potatoe with a lot of gravy the first week? Also in hospital they had a fruit smoothie as one of the choices which i didn’t have at the time but was going to try and make one today by blending a few strawberry’s in a small glass of milk, did anyone try this or other fruit smoothies the first few days after they got home?

    Many Thanks, Sara



    For the first four weeks you should only be eating puréed foods, get a hand blender if you don’t already have one. You shouldn’t be on mashed foods until week four. See your handbook, it explains all.

    Smoothies are also fine if you make your own, and the hand blender comes into its own again with smoothies. If you get the pre made ones watch out for the sugar levels, also watch out for the innocent smoothies, thay are not that innocent and can be very acidic and end up rotting your teeth.



    Thanks Paul,
    They were talking about mashed potatoe at the hospital with a lot of gravy to make it like liquid so wasn’t sure when this could be eaten. I will go back to the hand book and have another look and try and work out a plan for the first week at home.

    Regards, Sara


    Hi Sara

    Congrats on your op, your doing well, it’s always difficult the first week to know what you can and can’t eat but start off small and extra sloppy and it will soon come together. Listen to your body and remember we are all different and progress at different rates. I had mashed potatoes with gravey in my second week because I couldn’t stand extra sloppies anymore, they actually made me feel nauseaous, and I was OK, but that might not be the same for you, take it easy, read your book and take your time to get your head round it, it is difficult but you’ll get there.

    Have you got Carol’s book, that has some great receipes in there for the early stages.

    Take care and let us know how you get on, remember no question is stupid we’ve all been there.



    I’m 6 days post op and feeling just like you did…feeling sick at thought of my sloppy foods,my diet sheet says very well mashed potato with finally cut mince ok?dont eat meat but tempted to try some potato…can you remember this far back for advice please?xx


    Hi Lisa

    It really was a long time ago for me – over 6 years!

    I do remember having mashed potato with some grated low fat cheese in it. It was lush!. Still one of my favourite ‘go to’ foods. I also used to make soup then blend it to the required consistency.

    Don’t take my word for it though as things have changed since I had my bypass. I’m sure one of the other lovely people on here will have better (more current) advice for you.

    Doodah x


    I had mash potatoes cheese cottage cheese ,


    Yum. I had cheddar and whole grain chutney mash the other day with minted peas, broccoli and French beans. Little bit of gravy and two quorn cocktail sausages – heaven on a bariatric portion plate lol! I still use mine every day! It keeps my portions in check.

    Doodah x

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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