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day 3 milk diet

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    ruby tuesday

    Hi, just thought I would say how milk diet has been. Am on day 3, not been hungry but obviously would welcome actual food! Milk is very sweet I have realised, and I look forward to my oxo drink in the evening. Have been making a jelly just to have something non-liquid, but have never liked jelly much, seems like a waste of calories to me.

    Did eat last bit in tub of cottage cheese yesterday, but was lack of willpower not actual hunger, so keeping out of kitchen and active like day 1 is best!

    Bypass next Thursday, missing support group buddies as have been away, and have no one to talk to about op things, but hopefully will make a group after op.


    Well done . Days 3 and 4 I found the hardest especially when I had to feed my toddlers !! But it’s all worth it ! I was the same craved my oxo for something savoury . Keep up the good work . And good luck next thurs ,

    Katherine . X

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    Hi Ruby

    Oooh exciting so near now. Do you want to meet up next Monday evening, I am sure we can get some of the gang together for a natter you have been so supportive of everyone else now it is your turn to get some help onto the losers bench.

    Hope you had a nice holiday. Try the Chicken bovril for a change.

    Hope we get to meet up on monday.



    Please remember chewing is a natural and necessary process, please try some sugar free gum.
    Oral and dental hygiene gets somewhat neglected on the milk diet…. and imagine the bacteria in milk…lol

    Would be great to meet up Monday if you get the chance to get out…. it can be the Mandi and Ruby night…both of you need a little more attention than most now…lol….

    Buzz xxx

    ruby tuesday

    Thank you guys, good advice and lovely to hear from you. Yep, definately would Love to meet Monday night, really, really, good idea pre-op! Have not driven myself to Hayling before, but good time to learn where to go for future meetings!

    Thanks about gum Buzz, do have yucky milk-mouth, so will get some gum, and remember not to sit too close to anyone due to milk breath!!

    Bit light-headed today, but am making lentil soup to liquidize and freeze, and other ideas very welcome. xx


    i did pm you about meeting up but got no reply 🙁

    ruby tuesday

    Hi Mandy, sorry, didn’t get a pm about meeting up at all, did get one a couple of weeks ago when I was away which said ‘How are you’, so I posted a general comment and then a thread just to thank people who had been in touch. If everyone or even some people are free on Monday evening and we are meeting, would be nice to see you then. How are you doing since the bankruptcy meeting, has it helped? best wishes, Ruby x


    Hi Ruby,

    Keep up the good work, day 3 was awfull for me, a thick fur had formed on my tongue and I was desperate for food but from day 4 it did start to get easier, stick with the program as they say, this time next week it will all be over and you’ll be at the beiginning of your new life. Take care

    Nettie xx

    ruby tuesday

    Thanks Nettie, I feel the same, not hungry yet would like a proper meal and wondering if it is worth it!


    Its more than worth it Ruby, you will love your new life, I feel loads better and I’ve only shifted 16lbs.

    Nettie xx


    Hi Ruby

    Missed you. I will try to make Buzz’s group next Monday to support you. Not long now girl: we’ve watched you as you’ve taken the journey on board and as your buddies say it’s you’re turn soon. Keep up the liver shrinkage eating plan it will give you a headstart, Ruby.
    Do go on my website at Obesity Weight Consultant for Southampton I Weight Management Programme for West Sussex I Lifestyle Weight Consultant for Portsmouth and register for my Newsletters on ‘Information’ page. They are not bariatric specific but will motivate you later to work with the ‘tool’.
    My phone number is on my website do text if you need to talk or meet up and glad all your buddies are rallying round you.
    All the best on your journey. Bon voyage here comes Super duper slimmer Ruby!
    Best wishes
    Renn (Madeleine):

    ruby tuesday

    Bless you Renn, glad of the support!

    ruby tuesday

    Well, day 5, so used to milk diet now, but counting days till I stop (Wed night)! Despite not having any sugar free flavourings, it has been ok, I have just learnt to have coffee with no sugar, as used to love milky coffee and demerara sugar as a treat! Starting to think about what to wear to come out of hospital as usually wear shorts and not sure if they will sit on the wounds?

    Apart from one light-headed day, and some trouble going to the loo, no worries, don’t know if any weight loss though – seems lower in the morning as though I have lost weight, then higher at the end of the day, so can’t tell!!


    You’re doing well Ruby, keep it up, the next few days will fly xx

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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