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CURVES – exercise for ladies

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    Hi all,
    Wanted to share that I went to my first exercise class at Curves. I am 3 and a half months post op now and felt that some exercise was needed. I haven’t been able to do much exercise before as have painful knees etc.
    The trainers were really good helping me use the equipment correctly and you can go at your own pace (Thank goodness!) The circuit takes about 30mins and its all shapes and sizes and all ages.
    The cost is £39 per month and they ask for 4 months commitment. Plus there is a joining fee which is normally £59 but because I have had a Gastric Bypass the cost is £40.
    I know that there are Curves studios around the country I am lucky that my one is just around the corner. Have a look at their website for more info.
    Hope this is of interest. All the best Batesy xxx:clap2:


    I used to go to one- was great I loved it- its just the time they are open would be a problem these days- may try it again though


    I like the idea of the spacific exercise for the for the women, and i hope this
    exercise really help the women for the for health and fitness. Women should
    make a routine for the for these kind of exercise.


    What exercise can you do post op ? I have not yet had the op but am waiting to see a consultant . I do a weekly body combat class very fast and high impact knee lifts , running , sit ups . Will I be able to do this post op at some stage I know not immediately ?? I really love doing it .

    Katherine .

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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