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    Hi All. I am 5 weeks now post bypass. I have been quite bold with my food choices already, already eating pasta, chicken, bolognese, crackers, tried some raspberries and getting a bit braver by the day! What I want to know is this. I am meeting an old friend and his family on Thurs night and they want to go out for curry for dinner. I can veto this if there is nothign I can eat, but does anyone know what I might be able to try? For example if I tried a piece or two of chicken tikka and a little bombay aloo potato would that harm me or is this just too soon full stop? Advice needed pls!



    Hi Simon,
    You are being very brave with your food choices, at 5 weeks by pass I was only attempting to start to eat crunchy stuff let alone eating every thing else you are, mind you I did go by the rules and what St Richards had said I could have, I didn’t want to stretch little pouchie to much, as for a curry at this early stage of your bypass I don’t know what I would do, maybe just a very small piece of chicken in a sauce, a little rice again maybe but you know what your tummy can manage but I would just say little and chew chew chew. You are so lucky to be able to eat as much, even now at 11 months post op I would only have a couple of pieces of chicken, maybe tikka but more likely korma a small spoonful of rice and that would be about it for me.
    Good luck with your curry, do let us know how you get on.
    Elaine xx


    I had blended up chicken korma in the early stages and that went down fine if that’s any help.


    Hi Copey.

    Must say, you are very brave with your choices! I was still on soup at 5 weeks! As far as curry goes, I should imagine the only thing you may have trouible with is bread and rice. Anything potato based will be fine. Meat/poultry might be problematic if it is reheated as that changes the constitution of the protein in it. I would just go with your own instincts and trust them. So long as you don’t veer from the guidlines, you should be fine. Most important thing to remember is no fluids immediately before or after eating or you might ‘re-visit’ what you eat 🙁

    Would be great to hear what happens and hop you have a nice time.

    Doodah xx


    Thanks all, report to follow


    Hi All

    Had my curry last night 🙂 Just had a couple of pieces from chicken dupiaza (asked them to make with as little oil/ghee as possible) and a couple of pieces of Bombay Aloo (spiced potato, again as little oil/ghee as poss). It seemed to go down ok, and don’t think I overate at all, as just had a small bit of each. No bread or rice. Thanks for all the advice. Also tried a little Chana Masala from a friend – that was good too (as suggested by Stacey!). Thanks for all the suggestions.

    Simon X


    Hi again Simon

    Sounds like you had a very successful evening! Isn’t it fab to know that you can still go out to eat, socialise and live a normal life after weight loss surgery? Long may it continue and well done on making such good choices ;-))

    Doodah x

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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