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    Hi Heidi

    I’m trying very hard to keep it together, I went through so much agony about spending 6k on my self rather than my family and I feel I have thrown it down the drain. Like you why do some hospitals offer insurance and others don’t seeing its all through streamline or is it? I’m clinging onto a small hope that when I have the X-ray on the 14rh god and streamline will come through for me… And my fellow patients … I just assumed that the two year aftercare covered any problems. And as the stats are so small and rare on anything going wrong you would think that a more realistic 30 warrenty would be given. But let’s see what happens.

    Live John xxx?


    Hang in there mate. Lets hope the problem is small and easy to fix.

    Yes when something say ‘aftercare for 2 years ‘, you would think that means anything to do with the op. I think what gets me is, if the tube is leaking, it can only be down to a nurse doing the fills, and if it’s the band its self, then that is a faulty band…… Apart from food, we really have no control, and seeing as food doesn’t restore either the tube or band , then its not down to use. (please dont read this as anything against your nurse, as i’m sure she is very good ).

    My fingers are crossed, as i’m sure streamline will rectify the issue for you. In the meantime NO WINE, ….. 🙂


Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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