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    It depends on the surgeon but streamline only give thirty days…. Strange my first fill was 38 days after operation do you wouldn’t know within 39days if you have a leak. I spent the best part if two years researching this op and spent all my savings…. Just shows…. I don’t know what or where to go fro. Here… Looks like my journey has just ended…..

    Good by all……


    John, I would try to argue the point about the first fill being only 38 days after, surely this 30 days should come into force AFTER the first fill as you nor the surgeons would know!….. This is your dream of a better life, I would certainly challenge that John….. Fight for it, I know you must feel totally down and I know for one I would not afford to do it again.

    I hope you do challenge it and it will be a question I will be asking as nothing was said about that and warranty (unless its in the very small print) at either my consultation or when going through the problems you can have.

    I think thats very unfair.

    Am here for you if you need it or any help xx


    Hi John, I have been looking into this for you & can assure you we would never leave you high & dry. The terms & conditions do state 30 days post op, but obviously if your first band fill was after this time we would never not look after you if a problem were to occur.
    Our terms & conditions stated are for many different procedures that we offer.

    I understand we are carrying out all investigative procedures for you, to find out what & where the problem lies & once we know the outcome of these tests we will be able to move forward with you.
    Please rest assured we have your best interests at heart & will do our very best to sort out your problem band.


    Cheers Stacey.

    I have spoken to Elaine my X-ray is sat 14th April 1300.

    Teach be to read the small print… Lol


    Sally Bailey

    It has been decided that Streamline Surgical will change the terms and conditions for those patients having a gastric band. It will now be covered for 60 days from the date of the operation, to ensure the first band fill is done before the warranty expires.


    Not meaning to stir things but if you bought a dvd player and it went wrong after 11 months, you have a right as a customer to a one year guarantee and a refund or replacement. How can something that costs as much as a band NOT be covered by what boils down to consumer rights and law? It may state in the terms and conditions but I would be the kind to challenge this through the law. If it is leaking already then in the eyes of the law and under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 it should be classed as not fit for purpose. It’s still a sale of goods when you take it down to the brass tacks. Just a thought!!


    I fully agree and well said, especailly give the cost to people paying privately. I think its unfair when you buy and aftercare package.

    Would also be good to be able to have some kind of “extended warranty” which you could pay monthly if this is the case as I want this to be a lifetime not just until it becomes faulty……..


    Oh John, my heart goes out to you, I do really hope that this can be resolved and they can get your band sorted without you having to pay anymore, please try and stay postive (easy said than done I know), we are all thinking about you and are right behind you on this.
    Elaine xx


    Cheers all

    Excuse the pun but I’m feeling so deflated at the moment.



    Hi All,Im so sorry John about this i have been so inspired by your strength and determination, you really do not deserve this.. I sincerely hope this is rectified by streamline… I also fail to see the benefit of extending the warranty for 60 days, to cover the first fill only … surely this is the safest fill as its the first time that the port is being pierced, its common sense to realise that subsequent fills are the riskier ones for damage causing leakage… I am sure you lovely family are supporting you and sincerely hope you post some good news soon John

    big hug
    Pauline xx


    Cheers Pauline I’m pulling strength from you all… I’m fit to burst into tears at any moment… I feel stupid and that it’s my fault…. To be let down by a bit of plastic…. If this was a foreign country I’ll say serves your self right, but not here…

    Regards John


    John devastating news, I would take strength from Stacey’s comments, do know if it’s the port or the band itself leaking. Please keep us all posted on your progress as we are here to support u , the position you are in has implications for all bandsters so we are fully behind u.



    Cheers Paul. Hopefully the X-ray will show where the leak is and then I’m in there hands… I’m more worried about the cost I maxed out on the operation itself…. Plus the thought of having it inside me doing nothing for the rest of my life is unreal… Feels like a bad dream…. I’m so scared of eating anything In case I put back on what I lost.

    Regards John


    It’s not cheap, I know as a self funder too, hopefully just the port and Incan strike some kind of deal with streamline. I am shocked by ur situation and I am sure a lot of bandsters too, keep us posted were all here for u mate.



    Oh my dear john, i’m so gutted for you. But do fight your corner, boxing gloves on.

    I had my band privately with the nuffield hos. They cover the first 6 months, then you are offered an optional insurance plan to cover yourself yearly from then onwards. Like you, i never read the small print, but was told it covers everything. (£750 per year ), but i will be checking now. I guess my hubby thought it was like house insurance…… Just incase. I find it shocking that my hosp can offer this, but yours didn’t. If you go the NHS route you would be covered, yes you may have to wait longer, but they would sort the problem. Is this anther way to get money from us………

    Sorry john, feeling very frustrated for you, but you have achieved so much and whilst i’m sure you are telling yourself that the band did it, i dont think so…… The band never made you exercise, and take control of things…….. Somewhere deep down, YOU did that……. With a little back up, sure, but you did more then you think. Stay positive and focused. 🙂

    Big hugs
    Heidi. X

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 32 total)
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