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    over the last twenty-four hours, i’ve had dreadful constipation. I can feeling it getting stuck. It really hurts. I’ve tried to relax all the muscle around the stomach etc. I managed to ‘go’ a small bit last night. But has left me very sore & tender. I know, i want a number two’s but i feel very sore & red. As i try & push dor it to come out but i am to sore to go. I can feel it getting stuck. Almost as if i want someone with some plyers just to pull it out of me!!!

    I am picking up that Magnaisium Hydroxide stuff from the Chemist Friday morning. As hoping that will sort it out…..

    Apart from that, i am doing ok.


    Movicol from the doctors is really effective. I got like that on the milk diet- still do get like it! Ooh I know what you going through! Stick with it – its worth it! x


    I appreciate that I need to put the bit about you should seek medical advice etc, but from my personal experience of the same thing whilst the magnesium hydroxide will sort the problem out, it may take several hours to work.

    In terms of some more immediate relief, I found a glycerine suppository (oh yes, glamour all the way here!) produced action within 30 minutes, and for me as it acted on the impacted faeces in my rectum the clearance of those with the lubricated action of the glycerine made things alot more comfortable until the magnesium hydroxide could work ‘from above’!

    Couple of things I was told about the glycerine suppositories (can be bought over the counter in the chemist), to work at their most effective insert very gently with a lubricated finger (disposable plastic gloves helped with this bit) as far in as you can get, then lie quietly on your left side for as long as you are able (apparently needs 30 minutes for most people to be very effective) and action will follow, be near a loo as it can all be quite sudden. There are instructions with the suppositories that should be followed, the above are just how I have personally found them most effective.

    I do so hope whatever action you take it works asap for you, I have only resorted to suppositories twice post WLS, but oh, what blessed relief! Fingers crossed you are more comfortable soon.


    My constipation probs also started with the milk diet and Milk of magnesia as you say is good, but does take a while. I found a dose last thing at night best for me.
    I have been on Lactulose for about 5 months now prescribed by my GP and although it is slow it does the job ok.
    Obviously your Pharmacist, Consultant, Dietician etc are your first port of call as we all know.
    However I know how you feel and it’s horrible, isn’t it. Well done with your milk diet, you’ll soon be on your way.
    Bye Renn (Madeleine)


    I have drank some orange juice to help things along. Which seems to be working. I can feel thing ‘moving’. I would much rather have diaerrhoea then constipation…

    Ms Ellie

    Oh dear isnt that strange this old milk diet, when I was on it I couldnt keep off the loo, many times I didnt even reach the loo (sorry tmi) had to stop the milk and do a low carb diet… good luck Helen and I hope things start to shift real soon for you much love Ellie xxxx


    @Helen 10995 wrote:

    I have drank some orange juice to help things along. Which seems to be working. I can feel thing ‘moving’. I would much rather have diaerrhoea then constipation…

    Hahaha Helen,
    I can feel the pain you are going through as I have diphtheria last week when I started diet plan.
    I hope you know the consequences of diphtheria.
    I hope the experts will arrive soon to answer this question of yours.


    Hi guys,,,
    I have gone through many cases and have find a few that suffers the same way as you are suffering right now.
    I advice you to quit the milk diet for few days and then try to re use it after few days.
    Hope so that it shall works for you.


    Hi Paul,
    I am sorry but that is not good advice to quit the milk diet, we are on the milk diet for a reason and that is to shrink the liver and detox prior to our surgery. It has been advised that we do this as a benefit to ourselfs as it will help with the surgery, there are certain thinks that we can take to help with the consipation but if all else fells phone your hospital taht you are having your surgery with and they will advise but please DON’T quit the milk diet as it is for your benefit.
    Elaine xx


    HI Elaine

    How you doing today? Hope things have improved a bit for you. I have no suggestions, except the one’s you already have, just lots of sympathy, hang in there lass, it will soon be over. My worst day in that area was Tuesday, wicked painful but, as my physio advised after prolapse surgery, rock back and forth for a couple of minutes and squat as if you’re a baby on a potty, that way the tubes are straighter and there’s less strain on the muscles.

    Thinking off you and see on tuesday, hope all goes well monday.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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