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    Hi all Medway folk…. Meeting tonight bridge wood hotel.

    See you there……

    Love John xxxx

    Ps I be wearing a orange wig….


    Hi Lesley was so nice to see you last night (and your husband) your weight loss is amazing … Look forward to seeing a few more of us there

    Love John xxxx


    Hi John,
    I am hoping to be with you next time, was going this time but the other half arranged a meeting with the family without asking me if it was ok with me (typical male lol). I will see you next time around.

    Love Elaine xx


    John, you crack me up!!


    Hi John

    It was lovely to meet you too, where was the orange wig !!!!!! I hope everything goes all right for you at the xray, fingers crossed it all comes right.

    It was a good meeting, by the sound of it’s there’s a lot more to it that just sitting around chatting over coffee, there’s guest speakers and a monthly weigh in with slimmer of the month award. It sounds like a really good opportunity to talk to fellow WLS people and realise that your problems aren’t unique.

    Hope to see you there next month John.

    Lots of love and let me know how you get on.



    Lesley hi

    The bird who was in charge did she say the next two meetings have changed due to bank holidays. ???

    I fancy a bit of them tummy tucks and weren’t they cheap!!!!???

    This morning w I was so upset with my band that I took it out in the gym… I ran my legs of and to top it I done two hundred sit ups to teach it a lesson… Bit did I feel better afterwards… This son of a gun Is not going to beat me…. Only the price. Lol

    Hope I can make the next few meeting with my shifts etc.

    Love John. Xxxx

    Ps thanks for the hugs from you and ganny…

    Pps I will book a room gets at the next meet and have a bloody good few bottles of wine if the X-rays not in my favour lol


    @Deifersmum 22585 wrote:

    HI John

    I’ve definitely coming, Ganny can’t she has other commitments but hubby is coming with me, I think partners should be included in these things after all it does involve them as well.

    See you tomorrow

    Lots of love


    I totally agree with the statement about partners/supporters coming along to support groups. They are the people to whom we turn when things are bad so the more involved and wls ‘educated’ they are, the better.

    Doodah x


    what time is the “Brookers Oast” Brewer’s Fayre one please Paul ?

    I’m in Gillingham so not too far away from both groups, new to all this been trying orlistat with some degree of success for eight weeks, seeing my GP tomorrow (Thurs 5th) to ask him to submit a funding request for me for surgery. Helen


    Hi Helen.
    I don’t know that location

    John xxx


    thanks John no worries, the Chatham one is nearer anyway, I’ll be coming to that one I think, do people bring their husband / wife / partner at all do you know?


    Hi John

    from what I’ve read so far on here, I’ve only had membership for a couple of days I joined last week but didnt have a chance to sit down and read things, is it St Richards in Chichester the nearest place to Medway that does the WLS? I would really like to be referred to Shaw but have my GP appointment tomorrow morning to ask for him to apply for funding with the PCT. Feeling very nervous as this is my second attempt at asking, the first time I went he told me I could stay happily on orlistat for two years, so I’ve made an appointment with one of the other doctors for tomorrow to have another go, a month on from the last attempt and more well read too now.

    I’ve printed off various things from the internet but would value any advice you can give me on asking the initial questions to get the ball rolling. When I moved here a couple of months ago I gave in a letter stipulating what I wanted, first couple of issues have been sorted as requested and they seem on top of things at the GP Surgery because they phoned me to make the appointment themselves. So it feels positive, but that stumbling block from last month, I am apprehensive probably because I want this so badly.

    I’ve had reconstructive surgery already on my abdomen, there is a large mesh holding in my internal organs and the general feeling is that if I was to loose a couple more stone in weight it would need surgery to adjust its fit, now I dont want to have surgery twice so am asking for the WLS and the refit to all be done at the same time, it took me many many months with infected open wounds to heal after the last surgery up in the north east UK so now I’ve moved well away from that healthcare authority I do feel more positive about things just want to get the ball well and truly moving once and for all.

    Look forward to hearing from you

    Helen 🙂



    Better and lesser halfs are welcome



    Hi Helen and welcome.

    Your user name says it all ‘Myheartexposed’ is exactly what we all do on here. It’s very cathartic I believe.

    I hope you get your funding and the procedures you want. Please keep us all up to date on your progress 🙂

    Doodah x


    Have any of you put these support group contact details and times/dates in our support group section yet? It would be a good idea to get the numbers up and let others in your area know you are there – especially newbies 😉

    Liz Sage

    Hi, i couldnt make Mondays meeting at Bridgewood Hotel, when is the next meeting being held?
    I had my bypass at St Richards 7 weeks ago and doing really well.
    Liz x

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 49 total)
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