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Celebrate your Opiversary!

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    Ms Ellie

    Hi there Ruth I am good thanks you will get used to the new site I promise once you know how it will all fall in to place.

    Sports day………. :nono: I so hated sports day at school always tried to take a sicky and when I did participate I came last only once did I come first :first: was when I did the egg and spoon race and I cheated Lol xxxx


    Monkey Gorl,
    Thanks for the update, you have achieved a fantastic goal, well done!
    I am only 1 week post op and already feeling that I wont succeed, mainly because I seem to be eating all the time and eating things I would never have done in the past because of the calorie value like cheese, peanut butter, biscuits.etc. It seems insane to me that it will work but your words have given me more hope.
    Thank you

    monkey girl

    Hi Lorraine, try not to worry too much about what your eating at the moment. The amounts you will be consuming will be quite small so it is important to eat little and often. You may feel really tired too for a few months and this is the time to keep your blood sugar levels stable.
    As time goes on and you have found the foods that suit you now, you should be able to eat more. Remember to eat protein regularly.
    These days, now that I am not trying to lose any more weight, I tend to make sensible choices, eating lots of vegetables, salad, fruit and small amounts of meat and cheese. Look to the future, follow the advice from the people who know, the best is yet to come.


    Hello Monkey Girl!
    Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary, and congratulations on your achievements!
    I celebrated being 2 years out in January and have lost 130 pounds so far. I know from experience how difficult it can be, so you should be extremely proud of yourself!

    Sending you good wishes. 🙂



    Hi Monkey Girl

    Fantastic to hear of your success and know how you are getting on further down the line. I had my bypass last November and have lost 6 stone and am now a size 14 – smaller than I can ever remember being since a child and I have a surprise when I see myself in the mirror ! I still struggle to stop looking in Evans and at the ‘big’ rails in clothes shops

    Keep up the good work
    Jan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    Hi Monkey Girl, what an inspiration you are! Great tips too. Ditto the failure thing, its hard to believe we can indeed succeed at this lark after so many other failed attempts. I still believe am going to be the only one it won’t work for! Its 12 weeks now and 4 + stone down, I still feel massive though, even when my clothes and shoes are too big. I know I am smaller, I can feel bones!! Where did they come from? Its a head thing, can’t quite believe it is going for good and think the scales are broken. My mind will doubtless catch up with my body eventually. You have done so well, I hope I can do the same.


    The progress of this thread made me think of something.

    I think our sizes are similar, although you might size a bit smaller in Britain.
    I started at size 26 (or 5x) depending. I’m now a size 16. If I were able to have
    plastic surgery, I would likely be a 14. To hear you’re a size 12, Monkeygirl…that’s
    amazing!! How are you guys coming along sagging skin wise? I have quite a bit,
    but no lymphadema or strange masses. I look like I’m wearing a rather large suit
    of skin. My problem areas are my thighs, my abdominal pouch, and my arms. Oh,
    and naturally the girls are best friends with my belly button. We’re all different, of
    course, but oh I’d love to be a size 12!!



    This time one year ago I waddled my way down to surgery, accompanied by a very nice nurse (sorry forgotten name!) and my daughter, to face Mr Somers in a not very flattering gown, to take up a not very flattering position.
    Now exactly one year later I would not waddle but could skip if I wanted to! Have lost 5st 1 lb, 8.5 inches of my hips, 6.5 inches of my waist, 7 inches of my bust! My BMI has gone from 53.5 to 38.4.
    Most importantly I feel fitter and healthier than I have in years.
    It may not be the most weight I could have lost – I am sure as my teachers once said “I could have done better!” But I am very pleased- never lost that much in a year before and it is still a work in progress!
    Sorry to talk about me so much but guessed people on here would recognise the need!
    Have a great Sunday all!

    Cheryl :love:


    Happy oppiversary Cherylp. Well done I hope I can post such news after the op.

    Lindy Loo


    Dear Cheryl

    Congrats you have done well. Skip around all day you deserve it. xx :kiss:


    Well done Cheryl, as a pre op person, I love to hear good news and motivating stories! 5 stone! I would be very pleased with that indeed! 5 stone off, and not ever going back on again! whoopee!


    Well done Cheryl thats great news i’ve now lost 10lb in just under 3 weeks i’m now the lowest i’ve been in a long time. I hope I can manage to loose as much as you.


    Congrats Cheryl, you have done great, glad you are feeling so great. Well done, thats great work xxxxxx :kiss:


    Today is my one year anniversary, i have lost 11stone, and my BMI has gone from 55.8 to 31.0. My EWL is 80.6 and i feel great. My athritis is in remission, i have more energy and am living life again. I know there have been times when i have thought why have i done this, but i would do it again tomorrow knowing what i know now. Mr Somers gave me my life back and i will always be eternally grateful. I also want to thank all those that have supported me on my journey, love you all X.

    pink lady

    Wow what excellent news. Thank you for sharing a real encouragement i really need. had my gastric by pass 6th october feeling a bit rubbish and a bit low for the last couple of days. Thanks Pinks X

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 62 total)
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