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    monkey girl

    It just occured to me that it is two years today since I had my R Y Bypass.
    My how things have changed. I never expected to lose nine stones or be a size 12, ever.
    The hardest part was making the decision.


    Happy birthday monkey girl (why???)!

    It’s so good to get some long-termers on the site. What have you learnt during the last 2 years?…any tips you can pass on are always very gratefully received. Tell us about the changes in your life…I can’t really imagine ever being a size 12 again, although getting there.

    monkey girl

    ( because I am absoloutely mad about Primates)

    Hi Carol, my real name is Ruth and this is the first time in my adult life that I have been this size.
    I seem to have inherited our familys fat gene ( thats what I call it anyway) I was a fat child and I tried every weight loss method I could find but always put the weight back on. As I got older it became more difficult to lose weight, I was in good health but I had worn out my hip and my life was becoming restricted , so I took the plunge.

    Some of the things I have learnt are…..always follow the advice that Shaw and his team give, they know what they are talking about!
    Don’t panic when you hit a plateu, I was convinced that I would fail at this weight loss attempt, just like I had failed at all those diets before. Keep doing the right things and it will begin to shift again.
    Learn from your experiences and if you have a bad day with food try to see where you could have done things differently.
    Also take the vitamins and if you have a problem with hair loss, as I did, get a new hair do untill it grows back. ( It did ).
    Never save an outfit for “best” because when you go to wear it, it will be too big!!! ( my husband has calculated that I am on my fifth wardrobe of clothes.) I don’t feel guilty about this as Shaw did warn him it was an inivitable side effect.

    Accept the fact that you will have to start your shoe collection again and see it as a challenge.

    Try not to be too surprised when you don’t recognise your own reflection because I am still getting to grips with that . That also applies to the times when people who have known you for years blank you in the street, they stare for a while, and they recognise your voice, when the penny finally drops they often swear too.

    Finally, pace your self, because although you may have a lot of living to catch up on, your new supply of energy does not have a use by date.

    Ms Ellie

    Congratulations Monkey girl -Inspirational xxxx


    Hi Monkey Girl,

    Congratulations on 2 years and size 12 wow, if only comes to mind, i had my bypass 4 weeks ago
    and so far so good, but i feel so tired all the time, when do we get our new supply of energy?
    sounds good when it comes, it just can’t come soon enough, i know i dont do patience and its only been 4 weeks, but tell that to my eight year old daughter, hubby and mad 2 year old dog who
    by the way is still chewing up everything he sees aghhhhhh, inc my bedside table last night lol

    Anyway thanks for the tips, must be honest some shoes are already loose!!!

    Jacquie xxx


    Congrats and WOW! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx

    monkey girl

    Thanks to everone who sent replys.
    I had quite forgotten about the tiredness in the first few weeks.
    It lasted for me, for about 12 weeks and was quite frustrating as I was also a busy working mother. The only way i can explain how it felt is to say it was like my batteries had gone flat. It was as if my body had to learn how to get energy from my stores of fat instead of directly from my food intake, of which the prior was vast and the latter was titchy. Eventually, however , all service was resumed.

    Something else that might help other post oppers, is the carrying at all times of, what is known in our house as ” the emergency banana “. From time to time I can sometimes experience that flat battery feeling again. It’s usually because I have not eaten for a few hours or when I have been especially busy. This is the time to break out the banana ! Eat little and often, to keep your blood sugars levels level and all should be tickety boo !


    LOL monkey nuts what a great introduction…
    Your a pioneer on this site at the moment and could offer so much support to the newbies and those of us not so far out…

    Sounds like you have been through the mill, i doubt you will ever regret it….

    My fat genes (jeans) have been ditched with my fat Jeans…. and I am living a life I never thought possible..

    Its awesome waking up most mornings…..

    Congratulations on your tremendous success.

    Keep well

    Buzz xxx

    monkey girl

    I have never regretted having the op, not even in the early days when you are on a really steep learning curve.
    I would gladly offer support to anyone who needs it, although I have to warn you that I am not so good at this computer stuff, so I might be a bit slow to reply.

    Ms Ellie

    Isnt it time we had a good old catch up Ruth???


    @monkey girl 3320 wrote:

    “Don’t panic when you hit a plateu, I was convinced that I would fail at this weight loss attempt, just like I had failed at all those diets before. Keep doing the right things and it will begin to shift again”

    Monkey, WHAT YOU SAID ABOVE really hit me there. I am only 3 weeks out and in the back of my mind I cannot beleive this will work, its like I am thinking, I will do all this hard work and the weight will all go back on again, or it will stop coming off, but you have to beleive …. when you hit a plateu which I am sUre I will,….. not to give up hope. I suppose its easy to think negative sometimes about weightloss because of our ongoing past experiences with diets. That really has made me think…… thank you. xxx Isn’t if funny how a simple statement from one person can change someones outlook.

    I so love this forum and all my new found family members …. I have to say it…… we are all such a loving and caring bunch.

    so a big group hug to everyone :grouphug: LOVE YOU ALL XXXXX (ok, I will stop getting all emotional now)

    Ms Ellie

    And I love you too Precious xxx


    happy Anniversary monkey girl it must feel fabulous for you. Have you had any experiences of people not recognising you? I cant wait for people to think my hubby has a new wife.

    Lindy Loo

    monkey girl

    Hi Precious and Lindy, I so remember worrying that I would be the only person that GBP wouldn’t work for.
    People often don’t recognise me in the street and I am always surprised because in my head I am still the same, the lifetime fat girl.
    It really upset me though when my 24year old son couldn’t find me in a restaurant because he didn’t recognise me.
    I know it’s not easy to always make the right choices with food and after two years I do have times when I am too complacent, but the thought of putting the weight back on is enough to put me back on track. I have enjoyed buying summer dresses in the recent hot weather instead of dreading finding something that fits. It will be you soon too. X Ruth

    monkey girl

    Hi Ellie, how are you doing ?
    I have to say I have really struggled with this new forum set up. I am not very good at I .T, email and shopping is about my limit.
    Have loved the recent hot weather but hope it cools down a bit because tomorrow is sports day.
    X Ruth

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 62 total)
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