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cazza’s Weight Loss Journey

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    Well I went in on Monday to see what was going on with the band and to see if the leak could be found without having to replace that whole of the band.

    Shaw found that the port had a whole in it and I said I think that is where the nurse has struggled so many times trying to fill it one time she tried 9 times using 3 needles before calling him down who got it in straight away.

    As the band it’s self didnt have to be replaced the put 6ml back in to hopefully give some restriction which I haven’t had since march, when I have the next fill to take me back to what I was Shaw is sending me to QA in Portsmouth to have it done under xray so this shouldn’t happen again and can finally get back on the losing bench.

    i’m a bit tender when I move and very tired but that to do with the pain killers as well so 3rd time lucky hopeully of getting me sorted then shift about 3 stone then I can get my long awaited hernias done which one is the size of a melon the other a grapefruit it will seem strange not having them there but can’t wait.



    Hello cazza
    So pleased you have managed to get things sorted. And great news that you didn’t need a complete new band.
    I’ve just started my milk diet today…. My band is on the 19th.

    I hope you are feeling happier about everything now.
    Best wishes


    Hi cazza

    Glad your home . I tried to reply to your message but I couldn’t but due to child care I can’t make tonight . So sorry and hope your recovery goes well .

    Katherine . X

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    ruby tuesday

    Well that is good news, you should be back on track now, and then once the hernias are done, hopefully all will be well. So pleased for you. xx


    Hi Cazza,

    So pleased it has finally been sorted. Won’t recognise you next time I see you
    Get plenty of rest.
    Lots of Love

    Irene xx


    Hi Cazza,
    Welcome back to the losers bench, like Katherine I wont be able to make the group tonight, but wish you loads of love and a speedy recovery.
    Nettie xx

    Rosie Posie

    Hi Cazza
    Good to hear things were not to bad after all. Hope your are feeling much better. We are both starting all over again lol. Let’s keep our chins up and get this party started. Here’s for a slimmer us.
    Love Rosie x

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    Go go Rosie, I agree let’s get ready for Summer, we have the winter months to get more weight off and look and feel good for summer (if we get one).

    I’m having good restriction at the moment since first fill, have to eat so much slower and much smaller portions, I had a very small prawn salad for dinner at work last night and struggled to finish it within my 30 minute brake….
    My next weight in is on 5th November, if another 2kilos have come off I’ll be over the moon….

    Love John xxx

Viewing 8 posts - 76 through 83 (of 83 total)
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