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Can’t stand strong flavours – anyone else?

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    I have gone off all strong flavours for the last 2 weeks. I can’t touch hummus, anything garlic really, curry etc. My husband had curry last night and I feel repulsed at the smell. Has anyone else experienced this, it means I am still struggling to get things to eat. I don’t feel like anything and am worrying.

    Any replies gratefully received.



    Hi don’t worry to much, I assume you are post opp, but most people find their tastes change after WLS, with large numbers of meat eaters even turn vegetarian. Just try a few new things, you might surprise yourself what you now actually like.



    Same happened to me! Garlic was the worst and it was my favourite! I had to learn new foods which I could eat! I then found the food I loved the taste of was the health food! Really strange!!! But it’s worked! I eat food that I would never of touched before! Much healthier! I stopped worrying and just went with the flow. I am post bypass op 12 weeks now and have lost 4 stone 1lb!


    Hi Floydee
    I am having the exact same problem, I am only 3 weeks post bypass and want to eat nothing at all, I cant face the puree it makes me heave before I even try to get it into my mouth, I have noticed that food smells really turn my stomach. I cant manage yoghurt or sf jelly as they taste so sweet. Never thought I would ever feel this way about food lol, what I have found is WW shepherds pie yum yum but it amazes me that 1 ready meal for 1 “normal” person is in fact 3 meals for me and often only once a day, so one lasts 3 days lol .
    I hope things improve for you
    Rae xxxx


    Be careful in the early days, its Purée only for a reason, and you will have to force yourself to eat it, but it dose not last long thankfully.



    Thanks very much for your replies

    Jansus we had our ops in the same week, what are you eating now – I am grateful for any suggestions as to what to try…



    And well done on the loss Jansus!

    F x


    I found that flavours have got better and can now eat a lot more different flavours at 4 and half months out but it’s smells I still struggle with. Ever since the op my sense of smell is so strong I have to move away from people who have too much perfume on, or when I have to clean the bins at work out I’m gagging. I can smell everything, the fridge at home when I’ve just done the shopping really gets to me. Anyone have that? not sure why but it’s definitely only since the surgery as I didn’t have a very strong sense of smell before.


    This is fascinating becuase, when streamline asked this question on their Facebook page, the overwhelming majority of people said they craved really strong flavours after wls!

    We are ALL so different. And I love it.

    Doodah x

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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